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The James A. & Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research

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GAR Building
714 W. State Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 364-4549
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Partners, Congressional Staff & Aides

Throughout his long political career, Senator James A. McClure and Louise have worked with hundreds of capable people, many as staff in his Congressional offices or as partners in McClure's political consulting firm. This unique group remains fiercely loyal to the Senator and maintains close ties with the McClure's. These individuals are easily described as bright, witty, dedicated, thoughtful and a fun-loving group, with ultimate respect for the leadership qualities of their former boss and partner. Many have achieved long and successful careers in the public policy arena and attribute much of their success to the high ethical standards, integrity and work ethic of Senator McClure.

Below is a partial list of these devoted colleagues. Over the next several months, we will add photos, brief profiles, quotes, and more names - with your help. Please let us know who we should add to this list plus a few sentences to update us on their current status.

Dee Bennett
Bobbie Butler
Jeff Cilek
Frank Cushing
Jane Collins
Nell Doane
Dave Doane (Jr.)
Gary Ellsworth
Bill Fay
Paula Forney
Mark Falconer
Carolyn Francher
Jack Gerard
Jane Gorsuch Wittmeyer
Tom Hill
Mike Hathaway
Ruthie Johnson
Kit Kimball
Margaret Lliteras/kuyum
John Lodge
Tod Neuendschwander
Jim and Nancy Norell
Scootch Pankonin
Sigrid Obenchain
HD Palmer
Phil Reberger
Rachel Rigg
Diana Rolig
Jane Roth
Ron Shiflet
Doug Smith
Martha Solodky
Jim Streeter
Dave Sullivan
Pat Sullivan
Susan Tachkish
Chuck Trabandt
Dick Thompson
Al and Helen Timothy
Linda Turner
Liz Ware
Valerie Watkins
Shelley Witter
Brian Whitlock