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Alexandra Teague

Alexandra Teague

Assistant Professor

Brink Hall 228
Mailing Address
English Department
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1102
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1102
Alexandra Teague
  • MFA in Poetry, University of Florida, 1998
  • BA in English, Southwest Missouri State University, 1996
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Alexandra Teague’s first book of poetry, "Mortal Geography," won Persea Books’ 2009 Lexi Rudnitsky Prize and the 2010 California Book Award. Her second book, "The Wise and Foolish Builders," will be published by Persea in April 2015. Her work has also appeared in "Best American Poetry 2009," "Best New Poets 2008" and many journals. She was a 2006-08 Stegner Fellow and the recipient of a 2011 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a 2012 UI Seed Grant, and a 2014 UI Kurt Olsson Early Career Research Fellowship. She has taught at University of Miami, City College of San Francisco, and Stanford, and spent Fall 2010 as Visiting Professor of Poetry in the BA/MFA programs at University of Arkansas (near her old hometown of Eureka Springs). She is currently faculty advisor for Fugue, an editor for Broadsided Press, and an active member of the interdisciplinary arts BASK Collective, of which she is a founding member. She is working on her third manuscript.

  • Poetry Writing
  • Prosody
  • Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Craft of Poetry
  • Revision Strategies
  • Women and Poetry


  • The Wise and Foolish Builders, Poems, Persea Books, 2015
  • Mortal Geography, Poems, Persea Books, 2010


  • New California Writing 2013, "The House That Doesn't Grow"
  • Old Flame: 32 Poems Anthology, "What I Know for Sure"
  • New California Writing 2012, "Four Games Played While Riding the Bus"
  • Best American Poetry 2009, “Heartlines”
  • Best New Poets 2008, “Adjectives of Order”
  • Poetry Daily Essentials, 2007, “House Guest”
  • 99 Poems for the 99 Percent, "Port of Oakland," Fall 2014


  • Cascadia Review, “Driving After Rain,” “The Louvre Saloon, San Jose: Hatchetation (1903),” “Sketch: Charcoal and Body on Paper,” “Orphan, Fire, Blindness, Gold,” and “Requiem for No Hands,” Winter 2015
  • Alaska Quarterly Review, “Lines” (with the BASK Collective), Winter 2015
  • The Adroit Journal, “The Common Field,” Fall 2014
  • Redux, “Winchester .351 Self-Loading Rifle,” Fall 2014
  • Willow Springs, “The Tiger Speaks,” “The Lady Speaks,” and “Pox,” Fall 2014
  • The Florida Review, “At the Isis Theater,” Fall 2014
  • Cream City Review, “Duchamp’s Nude, Descending, Speaks,” Summer 2014
  • New England Review online, “La Sagrada Familia: Spires,” (lyric essay), Summer 2014
  • Subtropics, “American Progress” and “Bison Bison,” Spring 2014
  • Alaska Quarterly Review, “May Milton Leaves the Moulin Rouge” and “Ofelia Plays Like a Girl,” Spring 2014
  • The Threepenny Review, “John Brown, First Proprietor of the Winchester Mystery House,” Winter 2014
  • Barrow Street, “White Sands” and “The Feet of Ghosts,” Winter 2013/14
  • Quarterly West, “Asphodel Plantation,” Winter 2013
  • Green Mountains Review, “DUZ Does Everything,” “Learn About Texas Indians,” and “Ofelia’s Knife City,” Winter 2013
  • The Missouri Review, “Sand Creek Testimony,” “Repeater,” “Sarah Winchester Reads Great Expectations,” “My Mother Reads to her Daughters: Great Expectations,” “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West,” Winter 2013
  • Mid-American Review, “Sarah Winchester, 23 Years Dead, Watches House of Dracula,” Fall 2013
  • Poetic Research, “Sarah Winchester Visits the California Midwinter Exposition,” “Stereoscope: Annie Oakley and Sarah Winchestesr,” “Artizan Street,” and “Ammunition,” Fall 2013
  • Crab Orchard Review, “The Lindbergh Baby,” Fall 2013
  • Blackbird, “Winchester,” “Clue,” and “Sarah Winchester Explains: House Raising,” Fall 2013
  • Conte, “Many a Goat,” “Corrine’s Rodeo Clothes,” and “Lessons Before Fire,” Fall 2013
  • Western Humanities Review, “Safe as Houses,” “Calamity Jane, Somewhat Inebriated, Thinks of Writing to Oliver Winchester,” and “Stereoscope: California,” Summer 2013
  • The Southern Review, “Ghost Tours: Houdini,” Spring 2013
  • ZYZZYVA, “Sarah Winchester, 24 Years Dead, Talks to Andy Warhol,” and “L.C. Smith, Makers of Fine Guns and Typewriters, Advertise,” Spring 2013
  • Hayden’s Ferry Review, “The Journalists Set the Record Straight on Sarah Winchester” and “If Only That So Many Dead Lie Round,” Spring 2013
  • Willow Springs, “Transcontinental” (Series), January 2013
  • 32 Poems, “Winchester .351 Self-Loading Rifle” and “The Thirteen Club,” Winter 2012
  • Gulf Coast, “Whole Cloth,” Fall 2012
  • Prairie Schooner, “Thirteen” and “B. Tyler Henry,” Spring 2012
  • The Cortland Review, “Ghost Tours: Diamond Bessie,” Spring 2012
  • The Seattle Review, Winchester Series, Spring 2012
  • Slate, “Cartier,” Fall 2011
  • The Cimarron Review, “Command Performance” and “Spiritualists’ Iniquities Unmasked,” Fall 2011
  • FIELD, “The Barbed Wire Bible” and “Survivor’s Guilt,” Fall 2011
  • The Missouri Review (online), “Career Day,” Summer 2011
  • Southern Poetry Review, “The Visible Woman” and “Port of Oakland,” Winter 2011
  • Mid-American Review, “Ruby’s Daughter Tells Most of It” and “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Poem,” Spring 2010
  • New Letters, “By Special Arrangement,” “Broken Engagements,” “Hiking Through,” Spring 2010
  • The Iowa Review, “Two Drafts Written After a Fight” and “Present Perfect,” Fall 2009
  • The Missouri Review, “Kansas City,” “The Heartland,” “Bay Window, with Divorce and Pigeon,” “Four Games Played While Riding the Bus,” and “Frames,” Spring 2009
  • Third Coast, “Language Lessons,” Fall 2008
  • Epoch, “Woman on Train at Night in the Desert,” Summer 2008
  • Valparaiso, “Hurricane Season,” Spring 2008
  • New England Review, “Threads” and “Heartlines,” Spring 2008
  • 32 Poems, “Nose Bleeds,” Spring 2008
  • Slate, “Adjectives of Order,” Summer 2007
  • Crazyhorse, “Houseguest,” “Levels,” and “On Seeing Edward Hopper’s Hotel Room,” Spring 2005
  • The Paris Review, “Cave Tours,” Spring 2004
  • The Threepenny Review, “The Idea of North,” Spring 2004

  • Researched Poetry
  • Genre-Crossing Works

  • Founding Member of the BASK Collective, 2013-present
  • Member of Moscow Arts Commission, Winter 2012-present

  • University of Idaho Kurt Olsson Early Career Research Fellowship (for third book research), 2014
  • University of Idaho Fine Arts Fee Grant for collaborative "Play Like a Girl" project with Stacy Isenbarger, Belle Baggs, and Kristin Elgersma (art, dance, and music faculty), 2013
  • University of Idaho Seed Grant (for Winchester research), 2012
  • National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 2011
  • California Book Award, Gold Medal in Poetry, for Mortal Geography, 2010
  • Persea Books’ Lexi Rudnitsky Prize in Poetry, for Mortal Geography, 2009
  • Stegner Fellowship in Poetry, Stanford University, 2006 to 2008
  • AWP Intro Award in Poetry, 1996

English Department

Physical Address:
200 Brink Hall

Mailing Address:
English Department
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1102
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1102

Phone: (208) 885-6156

Fax: (208) 885-5944


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