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photos of Margaret Ritchie

Margaret Ritchie Distinguished Speakers

October 24-25, 2011
Dr. Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan

Dr. Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan, co-founder and President of The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education, a non-profit organization that provides professional development and continuing education for those who work with young children, their families, and communities. Author of "Learning to Lead: Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children," is a self-directed guide to leadership development for early childhood teachers, aides, assistants, and care providers and is based on the premise that all of us are leaders—"we just have to know when, where, and how."

Margaret Ritchie's career at the University of Idaho spanned nearly 30 years. She made a difference—in lives of the students she taught, in the professional fulfillment of the colleagues with whom she worked, and the effectiveness of the professional organizations to which she belonged. Margaret Ritchie's legacy to the School of Family and Consumer Sciences and the University of Idaho is a lasting one.

The Margaret Ritchie Distinguished Speaker Seminar Fund is established for the following purposes:
  1. To bring to the University of Idaho an outstanding authority in an area of interest to Family and Consumer Scientists (formerly referred to as Home Economists).
  2. To stimulate public interest and promote increased visibility to the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  3. To provide the opportunity for student and faculty interaction with outstanding leaders in the field.
  4. To honor Margaret Ritchie’s contributions to the field of Family and Consumer Sciences and to the University of Idaho.



Title of Presentation


Dr. Carole A. Vickers



Associate Dean and Professor of Home Economics, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia

“Taking a Look at Our Profession: Where are We Taking It?”


Dr. Alberta Hill



Graduate of UI, Past President of American Home Economics Assoc., Dean of WSU School of Home Economics

“Where Traditions in Home Economics Meet the Future”


Doris Badir



President, International Federation of Home Economics, Professor Emerita, University of Alberta, Canada.

“Building Academic Bridges: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World”


Panel: Idaho Food: Is It Safe?

“How Safe is Our Food?”


Scott Fedale, Head of Agricultural Communications, WSU; Timothy Miller, Extension Agricultural Agent, UI; Nancy Taylor, Representative, Idaho’s Organix Advising Council; James Nelson, Head of Agricultural Economics, UI; John Brown, Associate Professor of Entomology, WSU; Marilyn Swanson, Extension Food Safety Specialist, UI



No Speaker



Tom Jenness



Professor of Communication at UI

2 Seminars on techniques for making computer-generated slides to use in oral presentations


Dr. Carol Cassell



Community Health Education, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“How and Why Should I Talk to My Kids About Sex?” Also, “Women, Sex and Power: Beyond the Cliches.”


Dr. Barbara Bovy



Director of Human Environmental Sciences, Seattle Pacific University

Teaching, Learning and Leading for the 21st Century”


Janet Hethorn



Professor U California-Davis

“Gang Identity, Clothing and Street Style”


John H. Renner, M.D.



Family physician, educator, consumer advocate, and President of the Consumer Health Information Research Institute in Kansas City, Missouri

“Health Care in the Internet: Look Out!” Also, “Health and Nutrition Misinformation, Fraud, and Quackery”


Dr. Thelma Harms



Curriculum Director and research professor at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center at the U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

“The Role of Quality Early Childhood Education in Child and Family Development”


Dr. Francine Hultgren



Professor of Curriculum Theory , Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration, University of Maryland

“Researching Our Experience and Experiencing Our Research: The Phenomenology of ‘Doing Phenomenology’” Also, “The Life Force fo Family Stories: Weaving the Values That Sustain Us”


Susan Calvert Finn, PhD, RD, FADA



Director Nutrition Services, Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories; Past President of the American Dietetic Association

“Nutrition, The Best Opportunity to Improve the Health of Women”


Dr. Janet K. Poley



President of the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), Principal Investigator on the USDA Agricultural Telecommunications Grant ; Liaison to the NASULGC commission on Information Technology

“Technology: Anchor or Lifesaver”


Dr. Susan Johnson



Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, U of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver

“Developmental Perspectives on Children’s Eating Behaviors: Links to Childhood Obesity”; Also” “Opportunities to Respond to an Epidemic: Childhood Obesity”


Stephanie Coontz



Author, Lecturer, and Educator at the Evergreen State College, Olympia WA.

“Ozzie and Harriet Don’t Live Here Anymore: Coming t terms with America’s changing families”


Dr. Joanne Eicher



Regent’s Professor, Department of Design, Housing and Apparel at the U of Minnesota

“The Display of Skin: From Africa to the Academy Awards”


Joanne Ikeda



Extension Nutrition Education Specialist & Lecturer, Co-Director of the Center for Weight and Health

Obesity: Problems, Issues and Change

“Why Abandon Dieting for Health at Every Size?” Also, “Establishing Eating and Activity Habits in Children that will Prevent Overweight: What Can We Learn from Research?”


Dr. Virginia Vincenti



Professor of Family & Consumer Sciences, U of Wyoming; Past President of the American Association of FCS

“Legacies of the Past Influence the Future”

25th Anniversary Celebration of the MRDS Series

“A Tribute to Margaret Ritchie” video was produced and shown.


Dr. Jeanne M. Hogarth



Program Manager for the Consumer Education and Research section, Federal Reserve Board

Financial Security in a Complex World; “Where’s the American Dream?” “Closing the financial Security Gap?; Credit: Who’s in Charge?”


Dr. June Henton



Dean, College of Human Sciences, Auburn University
Dean Henton has been instrumental in organizing the War on Hunger campaign on university campuses nation wide, in conjunction with the United Nations World Food Programme

“Engaging the Community in Sustainable Solutions for Global Issues”; Universities Fighting World Hunger: Accelerating the Movement”


Mary Schmidt

Hunger Here & Now: Palouse Solutions


Project Director for the Northwest Area Foundation’s Idaho Horizons Project

“The Horizons Story: How Northern Idaho Residents are Building Community to End Poverty”

Panel Discussion:

Amy Grey, Backyard Harvest

John Mix, Empowering Families

Linda Nickels, Moscow Food Bank

Connie Salisbury, The HOPE Center


Pushpika Freitas

Fashion Show


Co-founder of MarketPlace: Handwork of India and spoke on “Bridging Skills and Market and the Impact on Communities”

Fashion show of MarketPlace apparel and accessories


Mary Schmidt & Kathee Tifft

Poverty Simulation


Co-founders of The Center, spoke to students on the work and impact of The Center. “Bridges Out of Poverty”

Activity poverty simulation facilitated by Lisa Horan, director of The Center for Community Building to End Poverty


Dr. Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan

“Creating a Village”


Co-founder and President of The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education, a non-profit organization that provides professional development and continuing education for those who work with young children, their families, and communities

and an Idaho Stars accredited 2hr workshop “Linking Curriculum with Assessment”