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2011 May graduation

Academic Programs

Child, Family and Consumer Studies (B.S. FCS)

Learn to provide stimulating learning environments and enriching activities for individuals and families.

Child Development/Family Relations Option 
Are you fascinated by children? Do you observe the dynamics between children and their parents? Students majoring in Child Development/Family Relations study the normal, healthy developmental stages of children and families. Students learn methods for scientifically observing and managing human behavior and then apply them in the child development laboratory with three- and four-year olds, parent conferences, and internship opportunities in child care facilities, hospitals, and social service agencies.

Family Life Option
The Family Life Option provides a general preparation in family science. Students may select to pursue course preparation for Accredited Financial Counselor or Certified Family Life Educator. Career options include jobs in business firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Students could also declare a minor in Aging. See advisor for specific coursework to pursue these options.

Clothing, Textiles and Design (B.S. FCS)

The Clothing, Textiles and Design major offers students a broad understanding of textile and apparel products, merchandising and marketing strategies, technical and creative design, product development and production processes, and business practices leading to a wide range of careers.  Courses in the program provide knowledge about textiles, apparel, and related products as well as knowledge applicable to the development and use of apparel and textile products by individuals, families, and institutions. Graduates will understand the production, distribution, and use of textiles and apparel, aesthetic expression, and visual, verbal, and written communication. They will be prepared to plan, develop, and present textile and apparel products to meet the needs of consumers, and will understand the issues involved in textile and apparel production and marketing, both nationally and internationally. Career opportunities are found in product development, buying, promotion, marketing and management in both manufacturing and retailing sectors with a focus on the textile and apparel industry.

Early Childhood Development and Ed (B.S. FCS)

Qualify for the Idaho Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (ECE/ECSE) blended teacher certification. 

Food and Nutrition (B.S. FCS)

Learn how foods affect the body on a biochemical level, and acquire skills to become a clinical, community or managerial dietitian. 

Nutrition Option
This option prepares students for careers with government agencies, commodity groups, health and fitness agencies and businesses, and some components of the food industry. In addition, the course work would provide excellent background for those wishing to pursue advanced degrees in medicine or nutrition.

Coordinated Program in Dietetics Option
This major combines clinical evaluation, community concerns, and food service management into a profession long valued for its service to people. Accredited by the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics, students apply in their sophomore year for the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD). Coursework in the junior year is at the Moscow campus. Students move to Coeur d’Alene or Boise for their supervised practicum in community and medical center settings their senior year. Following graduation, students are eligible to take the Registered Dietitian (RD) exam to become licensed and begin practicing as a dietitian in a variety of settings.

M.S. Family and Consumer Sciences (M.S. FCS)

Master the fundamentals of qualitative, quantitative, and action research within the field of family and consumer sciences. Choose between thesis and project tracks.