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China Summer Camp Program

Each summer, Confucius Institute Headquarters provides a summer camp for students to travel to China to learn Chinese language, experience Chinese culture, and learn the realities of living and learning in China. Students will visit two cities selected by the Confucius Institute in 15 days. During that time they will have the opportunity to visit cultural sites, meet people from different walks of life, take classes and make new friends.

In 2015 the University of Idaho Confucius Institute sent its first group of students to visit Guangzhou and Beijing for a 2-week language and culture immersion program. Students from the Moscow High School and University of Idaho spent two weeks learning first hand about Chinese customs, architecture, education, visiting host families and honing the Mandarin language skills they have begun developing here in Idaho.

In June 2017, UICI completed its second China Summer Camp Program with a group of 19 college and high school students from Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, and Moscow. The group traveled to Beijing to see the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and enjoy an acrobatic show and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. They then spent a day at the Shaolin Martial Arts training school in Zhengzhou, Henan where they received their very own performance by the students of the school. After Zhengzhou, the students traveled by high speed train to Guangzhou, China where they spent a week on the beautiful college campus of South China University of China.

The upcoming 2019 China Summer Camp will take place in May for college students who enroll in FLEN 299. The group will travel to two cities in China and take a number of language and culture classes while also visiting historical and cultural sites.

Are you interested in joining us for the summer of 2020? Register for one of our Chinese language classes today! 

To participate, one must be a Confucius Institute scholar. In addition, in alternating years we will take high school and college trips. 2019 will be our college trip, 2020 will be for high schools.

Feedback on past China Summer Camps:

"We feel our son now understands why he is studying and learning Mandarin. He was able to see the amazing country and meet the great, hardworking people and this fact has increased his enthusiasm for learning the language. He says meeting the Chinese students as well as the families in their homes was a highlight."

-- Parent of 2017 China Summer Camp Scholar, from Boise, Idaho

"One of my favorite nights from the trip and one where I used my Chinese the most was in Shenzhen. We walked around the giant shopping mall for a few hours and here I spoke more Chinese than I did any other night. I bargained and argued, I talked to locals and other tourists. Someone even asked if we were students here because our Chinese was so good. I felt like the whole trip had lead up to this moment where my Chinese skills were not only validated by the low prices I had bargained for, but also from comments locals were making and other tourists asking for our help."

--2017 China Summer Camp Scholar, from Boise, Idaho

"After the trip, when I asked our son where in the world he’d like to travel next, he instantly replied “I’d go back to China.” He’s on fire to learn, see and do more in that vast country and has just begun his second year of college-level Mandarin Chinese."

-- Parent of 2017 China Summer Camp Scholar

"We went to the Great Wall, that was one of my favorite things on this trip. It was a beautiful day and I got to stand on the Great Wall of China, not many people get to experience something like that, and to top it off I even did a handstand on the wall as well. When we were there it showed me the astonishing work that the people did to build this amazing phenomenon, that people want to visit today."

--2017 China Summer Camp Scholar from Coeur d'Alene Idaho

“Thank you all so much for organizing, shepherding, instructing and guiding my son his first trip to China. A lot of your work and planning went into the trip, and it was a huge success. You have opened new continent to my son... To make him a welcome home sign, I even wrote my first Chinese character, so my horizons have been broadened too.”
– Parent of 2015 Chinese Summer Camp Scholar

2019 Program Dates & Cost

  • May 12-26 approximate dates. 
  • $1,400 - $2,000 estimated per student (airfare, passport, and visa costs)
  • All accommodation, meal, and travel costs in China are covered by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban.
  • Optional travel insurance and immunizations will be the responsibility of the student/family.


  1. Registered students of Confucius Institute aged 15 to 30 who have studied Chinese at the University of Idaho Confucius Institute for no less than 3 months (or 40 hours), and have not previously participated in a visit organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban.
  2. A follow-up report of a minimum of 1000 words shall be submitted to Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban within 15 days of departure from China.

Outline of Visit

The 2019 China Summer Camp will be going to Beijing and Guangzhou. 

Potential Cultural Activities include:

  • Seeing the Forbidden City
  • Climbing the Great Wall
  • Eating authentic Chinese Hotpot
  • Seeing Baiyun Mountain

If you would like to learn more about the Chinese Summer Camp program or to join our mailing list to keep updated on all the latest opportunities offered by the University of Idaho Confucius Institute, please contact us at or call 208-885-7110.

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