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Meet Our Team

Seven of the 2019 Vandals in Focus contributors are pictured in the Integrated Research and Innovation Center.
Undergraduates wrote all the articles, shot most of the photos and produced the cover for the 2019 Vandals in Focus. Pictured left to right: Hailey Stewart, Jordan Hawley, Cody Allred, Abigail Spence, Alexis Van Horn, Jaime Ellis, Seth King.

Cover Artist's Note

The 2019 Vandals in Focus cover was inspired by the University of Idaho’s identity and explorative research as it relates to landscape. So much of this university is invested in the land — we are a land-grant university, we distinguish this institution by its primary location in Moscow, and our student research is tied to this specific place and other landscapes around the world.

Who we are as individuals stems from where we grew up or where we consider home. In the same vein, U of I’s student research can also be identified by where it took place. In service to that idea, the artwork features a collaged landscape that represents the land as an index of this community’s knowledge and identity.

Abigail Spence, who designed the cover, is from Deary and is a senior in the College of Art and Architecture’s Art and Design Program.

Vandals in Focus Production Team

Editor: Leigh Cooper, Science and Content Writer
Designer: Beth Case, Art Director

A torn paper landscape with mountains, hills and a sun.
The cover of 2019 Vandals in Focus


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