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Working Landscapes

Rinker Rock Creek Ranch is considered part of a “working landscape,” a seminatural open area where humans are present but manage for sustainability. Often found in between cities and wilderness, working landscapes provide valuable respite from city life with outdoor recreation opportunities and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. “Working” connotates productive activities and indeed, financial benefits can be found through animal husbandry. Finally, these landscapes have repeatedly shown significant ecological benefits such as carbon sequestration, riparian areas that help clean water, and habitat where both plant and wildlife communities can thrive.

Decisions made here enhance the ranch’s abundant natural resources and distinct opportunities, while also maintain the character of the land.

Land-use change in response to development pressure in the western U.S. has been well documented for decades. Agricultural fields, ranches and rangeland are all susceptible to parcelization in the new west. Land preserved from exurban development is important to uphold a rural sense of place, support livestock production, and to provide important habitat and resources for native species. For many, working landscapes are a preferred alternative to development because they are more sustainable and fit a multiuse model. It is not uncommon to see partnerships form between conservation groups, land trusts, private foundations, private landowners, ranchers, and state and government agencies in the name of protecting working landscapes. Collaborative management is both visionary and necessary to secure working landscapes. Learn more about collaborative management at Rinker Rock Creek Ranch.

Interested in conducting research or education at the ranch? Online form. Please review site fees (pdf). Those visiting the ranch should complete a risk waiver (pdf).

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