Payroll General FAQ

  • How will I receive my pay?

    All payroll checks will be mailed to your current Payroll Check (HR) address set up in the University of Idaho’s banner system or you may have your check direct deposited into your bank account.  

    To change your current Payroll Check Address please either come into Human Resources and fill out a change of address form, email with your request or log into  

    From the VandalWeb’s Main Menu click on the “Personal Information/Address Menu” tab, then click on the “Update Address(es) and Phone(s)” link.  From here you can either click on the “Current:” link displayed to the left of your current Payroll Check Address to update your current one or select Payroll Check Address from the drop down menu of “Type of Address to Insert:” to create a new one.

  • How often will I be paid?

    Payroll at the University of Idaho is on a bi-weekly pay schedule with payments made to employees every other Friday. All employees receive pay on Friday for the previous two weeks, i.e., a two-week lag. If the last day of the payroll period is a holiday, checks will be available to the employee the day before the holiday. Because of the bi-weekly schedule, deadlines for processing payroll related documents are very tight. Any deadline changes will be noted in the University of Idaho Register in advance of the affected pay date.

    Payroll Cutoff Dates

  • What is Direct Deposit?

    Employees can authorize the University of Idaho to directly wire your paycheck to your specified bank using a checking or savings account.

  • How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

    Direct Deposit can be set up online. If you have never set up direct deposit before:

    1. Log into
    2. Click on the “Employee Menu” tab or the “Employee Information” link.
    3. Under Payroll click on “Direct Deposit Review or Update”.
    4. Click on “Update Direct Deposit Allocation”.
    5. Enter your Bank Routing Number as seen in the example below, your routing number is found in the bottom left corner of your checks. If this is a savings account you may need to contact your bank and ask them for the routing number.
    6. Once the routing number is entered, the bank name will automatically appear to the right. Please note: if the bank’s name does not match please stop and contact Payroll directly. We will need to see a voided check in order to update the routing number and bank name association.
    7. Enter your Account Number. This should be the next series of numbers found on your check after the routing number. Be sure that you do not include your check number.
    8. Re-Enter Account Number a second time to ensure accuracy.
    9. Select from the drop down box Account Type: Checking or Savings.
    10. Then you need to indicate if this is going to be a flat dollar amount or percentage you are contributing to this account. If you want all of your payroll check to go into this account, enter 100 percent.
    11. If you enter a specific dollar amount or percentage, the remaining amount will be entered as a check and then sent to your check mailing address. If you want to split this between multiple accounts enter the percentage or dollar amount and then click on Save. Then click on Update Direct Deposit allocation and enter the other account information the same as above. Then select Remaining amount for the rest of your payroll check to go into this account.

    If you currently have Direct Deposit set up but need to change it:

    1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above
    2. Click on the bank name under your current allocation
    3. Check the box next to Inactivate to turn this account off
    4. Select Save
    5. Then you can follow the above steps 4 through 11 to set up a new account.
  • If I use my Social Security card for my I-9, why do I have to have the original?

    Legal proof of your Social Security number is required when you begin your employment at the University of Idaho.

  • Where's my W-2 form?
    If you are a temporary employee, your W-2 can be picked up at the Cashier's window. If you are a board appointed employee your W-2 will be mailed to the address you have listed in Banner, the address is usually to your department. You can log into Banner to verify that your address is correct. If the address is wrong, please e-mail us at
  • Why isn't Social Security and Medicare being withheld from my paychecks?
    If you are a fulltime student at the University of Idaho and work for the University of Idaho, then you are exempt from paying Social Security and Medicare. A fulltime student is an undergraduate student taking at least 12 credits and a graduate student taking at least 6 credits.
  • Why do I need to file a new W-4 every year if I am exempt from Federal and State taxes?

    Exempt status is only good for 1 year and you revert to single status with 0 allowances on February 15th of the following year.