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FAQs: Web Time and Leave Entry for Employees

General Questions

You can enter hours worked the first day of the current pay period.

All student, work study, temporary, and classified employees who have worked during the current pay period, including, all exempt and faculty employees who have taken leave during the current pay period. Graduate students on academic assistantships such as RAs and TAs do not have to enter time worked.

Monday after payday at 8 a.m. for employees. This allows your supervisor time to review and approve it by Tuesday at noon.

Please note: Some departments may require a different time for employees to submit their timesheets. 

No, each person is responsible for his/her own time and leave reporting.

Prior to submitting your timesheet you can go back into it and retype the correct information. After you submit it, but prior to your supervisor approving it, you can request your supervisor return it to you. After it has been approved, your supervisor will need to contact Payroll Services for corrections.

Contact your supervisor. If it is prior to the deadline for approval (usually every other Tuesday at noon) and your supervisor has not yet approved it, it can be returned to you for correction. If it has already been approved, your supervisor will need to contact Payroll Services at

Employee/Supervisor Information

Yes, or he/she may set up a proxy in advance to assist with approving timesheets for them in case of an absence. Be sure to submit your timesheet and leave report in a timely manner to allow your supervisor time to approve it by the Tuesday 5 p.m. deadline.

If you have one job with two supervisors the supervisors decide amongst themselves which one will approve your time or leave report.

If you have two different jobs the jobs will come up with separate time or leave reports and each supervisor will see only the time or leave report they are responsible for approving.

Every effort will be taken via email reminders and prior education to inform your supervisor to approve your timesheet in a timely fashion. It is possible for your supervisor to set up a proxy in his or her absence.

You will receive an email notification. Check the comments field to see if information regarding the correction has been included.

Once you have submitted your timesheet, the status of the timesheet goes from “In Process” to “Pending” and this can be seen at the top of your timesheet.

When it is approved by your supervisor, the “Pending” changes to “Approved.”

Yes, emails will be sent on pay day Fridays, and the following Mondays and Tuesdays to the employees and supervisors to alert them that time or leave reports may need to be completed and approved.

Contact your next level supervisor. An interim supervisor must be selected by your departmental administration.

Contact your next level supervisor. It is possible for your supervisor to establish a proxy prior to being absent. See Proxy information above.

Employee Leave Information

The employee completes the timesheet whenever possible. If you are not able to complete your time or leave report by the deadline, contact your supervisor. Your supervisor will need to work with Payroll Services to ensure your time worked or leave is properly recorded.

Notify your supervisor. Your supervisor will need to work with Payroll Services to ensure your time worked or leave taken is properly recorded.

Timesheets will never be due on a holiday. On occasion, timesheet deadlines will change. This changes will be sent by email in time for time entry completion.

If you are in a position that is approved for lump sum or unit pay, it will need to have a special electronic personnel action form (EPAF) completed. You will enter the units you worked in web time entry.

Email reminders will be sent to you and your supervisor to assist in meeting the deadlines. If time work is not entered, a check will not be issued. It is imperative that you work with your supervisor to ensure your time worked and leave taken is submitted and approved. Your supervisor can work with Payroll Services to make up any missed time or leave recorded.

No, time must be entered into Web Time Entry during the current pay periods and submitted and approved prior to the deadline.

If you enter your time and leave into FAMIS, it is not necessary to re-enter it into Web Time and Leave Entry. However, if your department uses a different time clock system you will also need to use Web Time and Leave Entry. FAMIS is the only time clock system interfaced with our payroll system at this time.

It is recommended you record time worked and leave taken on a daily basis to help ensure accuracy, but not required.

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