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Frequently Asked Questions

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
Student Performances 

  1. What groups can be accompanied by non-students? The Festival always encourages the use of student rhythm sections for all performers. The only exceptions apply to soloists should student musicians be unavailable, groups in the Elementary category, and choirs in B Class and Jr. Division. Combos and large ensembles must use student accompanists.

  2. Should I register my choir in the Multi-Mic Classification? The multi-mic classification is for choirs who sing one voice per mic. Groups are limited to the use of 18 mics and must provide their own sound tech.

  3. What if my Jr. High/Middle School/Jr. Secondary/Elementary group cannot attend Thursday of the Festival? We encourage all junior division groups to attend on Thursday of the Festival. However, if you are unable to do so, you may perform on the corresponding high school day. Vocal groups perform on Friday and instrumental on Saturday.

  4. What is the process once I get to the Festival? If your school has purchased evening concert tickets, you may proceed to the WEST side of the Kibbie Dome where the Directors’ Will Call is located. Otherwise, please proceed directly to your scheduled performance clinic site, check in with the Greeter, and pick up your student wristbands and copies of the Festival Program. Early arrivals may pick up wristbands at volunteer headquarter located in the Student Union Building.

  5. Where can my students leave their instruments, cases, and coats? Due to space constraints, we are unable to provide storage. We encourage students to store belongings on the buses when at all possible. 

  6. What do I do once I get to my performance site? Immediately check-in with the Greeter at your site. From there, volunteers will direct you where you need to go.

  7. When can I expect to get the recordings and rubric evaluation sheets from the performance? All groups should receive their recording and rubric during the clinic session following their performance. Soloists and combos will receive their recording and rubric at the end of their performance.

  8. Can I use my own cymbals? Sabian Cymbal Company has generously donated cymbals for use at every site. All groups are required to use these cymbals. You may, however, supplement if you require special effects type cymbals. Also, if the setup needs to be changed due to physical issues, such as a left-handed drummer, please note this on the Performance Information Sheet.

  9. When will we know if we are being recognized and invited to perform at the Young Artists Concerts or at Hamp's Club? The best way to find out who has been selected to perform in the late afternoon Young Artists Concerts or at Hamp’s Club is to be present in the Kibbie Dome by 4 p.m. or immediately after a late afternoon performance. All groups selected for recognition will be announced by the emcee. In addition, the LHJF website will indicate when all results are complete for the day. Trophies may be collected backstage at the Trophy Table.

  10. Can we go to our site early to rehearse? Due to tight schedules and a limited number of rooms, the only rehearsal time provided is your allotted warm-up time. Please do not arrive at your site early and expect to have a rehearsal space.

  11. Can my parents videotape our performance? Video and non-flash photography are allowed in all student performance sites. Non-flash photography is allowed in some clinics. Videotaping or audio taping of clinics is absolutely prohibited. Additionally all video recorders, audio recorders, and cameras are prohibited at all events in the Kibbie Dome. This includes the Young Artists Concerts and Hamp's Club student performances, as well as the evening concerts. 

  12. Where are the group photos taken? There will be opportunities for group photos at strategic locations near performance sites. More information will be sent you in February.

  13. Are all sites located on the UI campus? There are several performance and workshop sites that are located off campus. Please double check all sites for which you are scheduled, and reference the map provided with schedules to confirm the location of your sites.

  14. Is there a lost and found? Lost and found items will be held at the site where found and will be taken to the Jazz Festival Office the week after the festival.

  15. Where can my students eat on campus? The Idaho Commons in the center of campus has a food court with a variety of food options and seating for groups. Also, there is a large dormitory cafeteria in the Wallace Complex on 6th Street. Additionally, Domino’s Pizza offers special deals for participants and will deliver to a location most convenient for you. Call them at 208-883-1555.

  16. Where can I purchase festival memorabilia? Festival t-shirts and memorabilia will available at the Student Union Building, University Bookstore, the Idaho Commons, and during the concerts at the Kibbie Dome.

  17. How do I find lodging for my students? Please view a list of area hotels and housing options listed under Housing and Transportation on our website: www.uidaho.edu/jazzfest