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95.21 - University Closures


  • Position: Public Safety and Security Executive Director
  • Name: Bruce Lovell
  • Email:

Last updated: October 01, 2017

General. In the event of a reported emergency or a weather-related emergency, or if an emergency situation appears imminent, the Executive Director of Public Safety & Security, or designee, may make a recommendation to the President, or designated senior officer, for taking the appropriate action. The action could include the cancellation of classes and/or the closure of a university facility. This policy covers all facilities, sites, and campuses located around the State occupied, or used by, University of Idaho (UI) employees.

A. Definitions

A-1. Essential Personnel. Essential personnel is defined as UI employees designated by unit administrators to be critical to the continuation of key operations and services in the event of a suspension of operations.

A-2 Consideration of Conditions:
A decision to close a university facility may be based on any, or all, of the following conditions:

a. Weather information gathered from official weather reports and forecasts. In most cases, university facilities will not close for winter conditions unless there is a severe weather event or hazardous conditions.

b. Decisions from city, county, regional, and state agencies.

c. Local police and county sheriff’s departments surrounding the affected campuses and facilities.

d. Consultation with UI Public Safety and Security (PSS) and Facilities Services.

B. Policy. When conditions necessitate, a university facility may be closed or its opening delayed. The decision to close or delay opening a university facility is at the discretion of the President, or designee. In the event of a university closure, only designated essential personnel will be allowed to remain on campus, or occupy a closed university facility.

B-1. Supervisor Jurisdiction. Individual units do not have independent authority to make decisions concerning university facility closures, postponements, and/or cancellations; however, supervisors do have the authority to approve requests from employees who wish early release from work due to severe weather conditions. (See FSH 3470)

B-2. Administrative Leave with Pay. When the President, or designee, makes a decision to close, cancel classes, or postpone opening any university facility, administrative leave for the affected employees will be determined pursuant to FSH 3470 and 3710 as applicable.

B-3. Locations other than Moscow. The location executive officer, or designee, will make a recommendation, to the President, or designee, to close the facility(s). After approval, the executive officer, or designee, will contact PSS and provide information on the nature of the event, affected locations, recommended actions (closure, delayed opening), duration of action, and any other relevant details.


a. Coeur d’Alene (CDA) Campus. University of Idaho CDA facilities may be closed due to a North Idaho College (NIC) closure. In the event of a NIC closure, the CDA executive officer, or designee, will notify the President, or designee, and PSS.

b. Idaho Falls (IF) Campus. University of IF facilities may be closed due to an ISU-Idaho Falls (ISU) closure. In the event of an ISU closure, the Idaho Falls executive officer, or designee, will notify the President, or designee, and PSS.

c. Co-Located UI Offices. University of Idaho offices co-located with federal, state, or county offices may be closed due to a building closure. In the event of a closure, the UI executive officer at the co-located facility, or designee, will notify the President, or designee, and PSS.

B-4. Alerts and Notifications: In the event of a decision to close any university facility, faculty, staff, and students will be notified of the closure by the university’s emergency alert system. Additional information related to the emergency and facility closure updates, and contact information, will be posted on the university’s home page. (

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