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3470 - Compensation During General Emergencies


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Last updated: August 01, 2007


A.   Determination of General Emergency
B.   Administrative Leave in Situations of Closure or Inaccessibility
C.   Compensation for Work Performed at Facilities Declared Closed or Inaccessible
D.   Leave Provisions for Employees Unable to Report to Work Due to Emergency Condition.
E.   Early Release of Employees Due to Severe Storms

A.  DETERMINATION OF GENERAL EMERGENCY. When conditions in an affected area or a specific location necessitate, UI facilities may be ordered closed. The decision to close a UI facility or declare it inaccessible is at the discretion of the president of the university or the president's designee.

B.  ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE IN SITUATIONS OF CLOSURE OR INACCESSIBILITY. When a UI facility is closed or declared inaccessible by the president or the president's designee, affected employees who cannot access their work locations will be automatically placed on administrative leave (see section 3710) for their normally scheduled hours of work during the period of closure or inaccessibility.

C. COMPENSATION FOR WORK PERFORMED AT FACILITIES DECLARED CLOSED OR INACCESSIBLE. An employee who works at a UI facility during a declared period of closure or inaccessibility is paid his or her regular salary for work during the employee's normal hours of work. In addition to remuneration for time worked, such employee, if eligible under applicable law and UI policy, is granted compensatory time off equal to the number of hours worked during the declared period of closure or inaccessibility. If overtime work is involved, such overtime work is compensated for as provided in applicable law and UI policy.

D. LEAVE PROVISIONS FOR EMPLOYEES UNABLE TO REPORT TO WORK DUE TO EMERGENCY CONDITIONS WHEN FACILITIES ARE OPEN. If a UI facility has not been declared closed or inaccessible during severe weather or other emergency conditions, but such conditions prevent an employee reporting for work, the affected employee is permitted to use accrued annual leave or compensatory time credits to cover the period of absence from duty. If the employee has no annual leave or compensatory time credit, the absence from duty is charged without pay. Employees who are unable to report to their work assignments should notify their supervisors as soon as possible. All employees are expected to make their own decisions regarding their personal safety while commuting to work and act accordingly.

E. EARLY RELEASE OF EMPLOYEES DUE TO SEVERE STORMS. When  severe weather conditions occur during the day, an employee who is concerned about unsafe driving conditions may request early release from work. Such unpaid early release approval is made at the discretion of the supervisor. Annual leave, compensatory time, or leave without pay may be used for early release; administrative leave is not granted unless the president or his designee declares an official campus closure.

Version History

Amended August 2007. Editorial changes.

Amended July 2005. Editorial changes to E.

Amended July 2002. Editorial changes to B, C, D, and E.

Amended July 1999. Editorial changes to B.

Amended July 1997. Editorial changes.

Adopted August 1980.

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