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60.04 - Internal Purchases and Charges


  • Position: Purchasing Services Director
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Last updated: August 23, 2005

A. General. The University provides several purchasing methods when acquiring goods or services within the university campus. Please refer to the table below to determine which particular method to use and reference the appropriate APM procedure:




Restrictions/ Explanation

Interdepartmental purchases within the University 75.30 [ed. 7-07] ID(s) Buy from UI departments authorized to sell goods or services

Biological Stores 80.50 IDB
UI Bookstore 80.20 IDBS
Campus Mail 80.03 IDM
Central Shops 80.04 IDS/IDT
ChemStores 80.51 IDC
UI Computer Store 80.21 IDA
Conferences & Events 80.05 IDG
UI Dining Services 80.31  IDG
Garage Services 80.06 IDGL/IDGP
Information Tech Svcs 80.52 IDG
Photographic Services 80.53 IDPS
Printing and Design 80.54 IDD
Facilities Maintenance & Operations (FMO) 40.20 IDW
Telephone Charges 30.40 IDM
Video Center Services 80.55 IDG




Meals and refreshments for official meetings 70.22  Claim Voucher

[Note: The normal accounting for all ID documents is a debit to expense and a credit to revenue. The only exception is if a department is doing an exact reversal of an existing ID document. Then, a debit to revenue and a credit to expense is allowed.] [ed. 7-10]

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