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80.31 - University Dining Catering, Beverage, and Vending Services


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Last updated: March 05, 2014

A. General- Food safety and sanitation is vital in protecting University students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus from potential food borne illness outbreaks.  The purpose of this policy is to protect our constituencies and enhance food safety.  Auxiliary Services is responsible for providing all dining, catering, concession, beverage, vending, and related food services on the Moscow campus, whether by contracting with a third party or  through self-operation.

B. Definitions.

B-1. Event: any activity that uses University resources.

B-2.  Food Service Operation: any restaurant, café, coffee service, catering service, cart, booth, or other facility, and any event or activity, that involves the preparation, sale or service of food on campus by an individual, business, or organization, including student organizations, that are established on property owned or controlled by the University.

B-3. Potluck: a private gathering where food is prepared at home or purchased and shared amongst those in attendance.

B-4.  Private Gathering: any gathering of people not open to the public, that limits participants to a particular, pre-determined group of people, or that are organized and restricted to a particular university unit, and no food is being prepared on-site or sold to participants.

C.  Operations.  Food service operations are part of the University’s business, and must be adequately managed under clear operational guidelines to reduce risk of food borne illness and contractual conflicts with existing business relationships and other financial risks.  Auxiliary Services provides the management and oversight for all food service and related operations on the Moscow campus.  This includes both contracting with outside vendors and self-operating certain food services.

D.  It is the policy of the University of Idaho that all food offered for consumption on campus, whether through a retail restaurant or store, dining hall, or temporary food service operation, should be safe, wholesome and sanitary. In order to protect the health and safety of the campus community, applicable laws and regulations governing food safety must be followed. Unauthorized sales and service of food on campus is strictly prohibited. All food service operations, including temporary food service operations, must comply with the guidelines and procedures contained in this policy.

E.  The University is under no obligation to allow any non-affiliated vendor to offer food or beverage for sale, or to otherwise serve or provide food and beverages on campus. Campus units do not have the authority to approve food sales and service, and instead must go through University Dining Services when using University of Idaho resources.

F.  All events held on campus, including conferences, are not authorized to bring food to the event for consumption by their members, the public or invited guests. While individuals are always welcome to bring their own food for personal consumption, group organizers may not provide food storage or preparation equipment as part of the event. 

G.  Responsibility and Authority for Managing and Monitoring Food Service Operations: Auxiliary Services shall enforce, through University Dining Services, all processes and procedures to enhance safe food handling and provider services. 

H.  Exemptions.  Potlucks are exempt from this Dining policy provided it is part of a private gathering and no admission is charged or the sale of food or beverages.

I.  Non-Moscow campuses are expected to comply with the spirit of this policy.  As such, they should take appropriate actions to limit food borne illness risk.  An approved vendor with appropriate food handling, permits, licenses, and insurance can greatly reduce the Universities exposure to a food borne illness.  Please contact Risk Management for information regarding how to insure or transfer risk by using an approved vendor for your food event.

J.  For the most current information regarding University Dining Services, please go to or

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