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50.50 - Changing or Creating Job Title Names


  • Position: Director of Human Resources
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Last updated: August 23, 2005

A. General. A table of all university job titles is maintained and updated by Human Resources (HR). Several university reports are generated from information provided on the table.

B. Process. Job title names for positions within a college, department or other administrative unit are established by the departmental administrator. A job title may be changed by the administrator—usually with a change in duties—or the title may change if the position is determined to be incorrectly classified and the department authorizes reclassification. Job title names may be selected from existing state of Idaho or UI-unique job titles; in the event no existing job title appropriately characterizes a position, a new UI-unique job title may be defined.

C. Procedure.

C-1. New title. To establish a new title, or to change a title, the administrator or designee of the requesting department submits a memorandum to Employment Services in HR which includes the following information:

i) Name of proposed new title and name of employee if the position is currently filled. (Note: The title length, including spaces, cannot exceed 30 characters.)

ii) Reason for requesting the change if a title already exists.

iii) Written approval of the immediate supervisor, and next higher administrator, director, dean, vice president, or provost as appropriate.

iv) Current results-oriented job description which includes the proposed new title (blank forms are available from the HR website), signed by the employee, supervisor and next higher administrator.

C-2. Title change with change of duties. If the requested title change is in response to a change in a classified employee’s duties, a formal classification analysis may need to be conducted [See APM 50.51]. Contact Employment Services at (208) 885-3611.

C-3. Title change following classification review. If a classification review determines that an employee is improperly classified, and the departmental administrator approves reclassification (rather than removing duties), the employee’s title will be changed as recommended in the review.

D. Information. Information on university job titles may be obtained from Employment Services at (208) 885-3611.

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