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Learn a few tips and tricks with these short how-to videos.

How to Air-Layer a Monocot Plant

Learn how to produce a grown monocot houseplant with a technique called air-layering.

How to Prune Raspberries

Learn how to prune ever-bearing and summer-bearing raspberries.

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Get a jump on the season.

How to Control Musk Thistle

Learn how to identify and control musk thistle.

How to Plant Raspberries

Learn how to plant raspberries to ensure a successful crop.

Expand your knowledge with these peer-reviewed educational videos.

Bull Thistle (EVS 020)

Learn about the life cycle, identification, concerns and reproduction of this biennial thistle.

Explore topics further with these longer class recordings.

Garden Site Selection

Discover what to consider in selecting a garden site.

Spring Lawn Care

Information on practices that help conserve water.


Learn how to be successful with your houseplants.

Season Extension

Learn about ways to extend the growing season.

Fall Lawn Care

Helpful tips to get your lawn ready for winter.

Training Young Shade Trees

Tips to create healthy branch structure and prevent problems.

Introduction to Beekeeping

Learn about the history and biology of bees and other tips for beginning beekeepers.

Landscaping with Native Plants

Learn how to use native Idaho plants in your landscape.

Gardens of the World

Take a tour of gardens around the world.

Fall Planting of Spring Bulbs

Learn about planting and care of spring bulbs.

Fall Weed Control

Learn about different fall weed control options.

Garden Schedule

Develop a schedule for home gardening in Idaho.

Garden Site Preparation

Explore points to consider in garden site preparation.

Transplant Care

Learn about proper transplant care and planting schedules.

Soil Health

Learn the four principles of soil health and their application in home gardens.