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Videos and Webinars

UI Extension and ISDA have partnered to create a variety of online and hard copy resources to help produce growers navigate the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Produce Safety Rule. What other resources would be helpful for you in your operation? Let us know by filling out the online Produce Growers feedback form.

Training videos

Idaho State Department of Agriculture and University of Idaho Extension have partnered to create training videos that illustrate several important key aspects of the Produce Safety Rule. These videos were provided to those who attended a Produce Safety Alliance Training.

Part 1 — Introduction to the FSMA, Produce Safety Rule

Part 2 — Idaho Produce Safety Recordkeeping

Part 3 — Recordkeeping — Agricultural Water

Part 4 — Exemptions and Qualified Exemption

Part 5 — Health and Hygiene

Part 6 — Equipment, Tools, Building and Sanitation

Part 7 — Agricultural Water

Part 8 — Domesticated & Wild Animals

Produce Safety Webinar Series

The first year of FSMA Produce Safety inspections in Idaho revealed a few key areas in which farms can make adjustments to their food safety practices to be in compliance with the rule. What can growers do to be better prepared for inspection or improve in critical areas following an inspection?


This three-part webinar series addresses the areas that were most identified in 2020 grower survey data as being topics producers need the most help understanding — pest control in buildings, the differences between GAP and FSMA, and how to compost safely under the PSR.

Be a Bad Neighbor: Making your building less attractive to mice and birds — Video

Why Do I Have to Do FSMA if I Do Gap? — Video

Approaches to Composting Safety — Video


This three-part webinar series is designed to prepare growers for successful inspection by improving their health and hygiene practices, sanitation of buildings, tools and equipment, and recordkeeping. These webinars were based off the biggest areas of non-compliance in the 2019 inspection year.

Creating hygienic habits on the farm — Video

Sanitation Basics — Video

Simplifying Recordkeeping — Video

Oregon Department of Agriculture resources

  • Wildlife, Domesticated Animals and Land Use — Video
  • Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin — Video
  • Cleaning and Sanitation — Video
  • Worker Health, Hygiene and Training — Video
  • Agricultural Water — Video

Grow It, Make It, Sell It — Safely Webinar Series

We offer free food safety webinar courses for small scale growers and specialty food producers in the Pacific Northwest. This series of webinars is provided by the University of Idaho Extension in partnership with the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, Oregon State University and Washington State University Extension offices. These webinars focus on covering Produce Safety Rule basics, sanitation practices, biological soil amendments, preventative controls in food safety and good manufacturing basics.

Missed a webinar you are interested in? No problem. Review past webinar recordings any time by selecting the webinar, click on “Watch the recording,” then sign in with your Google account to fill out the form for access to recorded webinar.


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