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Education and Training

On-farm Readiness Review

Beginning last year, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and University of Idaho Extension began conducting on-farm readiness reviews (OFRR) to provide a voluntary, non-regulatory review of covered operations for farmers across the state. These reviews are intended to provide resources and tools for an individual farm to help them comply with the rule requirements and be prepared for regulatory farm inspections beginning this summer.

If you are interested in getting more information or scheduling an OFRR for your farm, please visit the ISDA website or email Or fill out the online OFRR signup form.

The On-farm Readiness Review is for producers who:

  • Know they are covered by the Produce Safety Rule
  • Have completed the Produce Safety Alliance Training*

Review the On-Farm Readiness Review Preparedness Worksheet (pdf), the worksheet outlines major concepts and components of the Produce Safety Rule and can be used to prepare you for an inspection.

This resource provides a guided mock-inspection prior to having a formal inspection by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. On-farm readiness reviews began in 2018. Please subscribe to the Food Safety for Produce Growers newsletter to receive updates about this resource.

*Depending on scheduling of Produce Safety Alliance Training the on-farm readiness review may be completed prior to attending the training.

On-farm Readiness Review

Produce Safety Alliance Training

The Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Training curriculum is currently the only FDA-approved training program to prepare fresh produce growers to meet the regulatory requirements in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule.

Completion of this course is required of all farms that are covered by the Produce Safety Rule and have a designated representative of the operation to complete this training. To help you determine if your operation needs this training, please complete this self-guided decision tool.

  • The training is typically delivered in one full day 
  • Cost to attend the training is minimal
  • Trainings will be held regionally across Idaho

For information on dates, locations and how to register, please check mid-September for fall/winter training class schedule.

Additional resources

We are continuing to develop new resources to answer questions and prepare farms for compliance and inspection. If you have questions or would like additional assistance, please contact our produce safety staff below.

We have free Produce Safety Rule resources to use on your farm to train employees and meet some requirements of the Produce Safety Rule.

Ariel Agenbroad

Area Extension Educator — Community Food Systems & Small Farms


Mailing Address:
University of Idaho Extension, Ada County
5880 Glenwood Street
Boise, ID 83714

Phone: 208-364-4579



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