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Janine Darragh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


ED 409



Mailing Address

875 Perimeter Drive MS 3082
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3082

  • Ph.D. Literacy & Language Education 2010
  • M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction. Emphasis in Secondary English Education & Special Education, Ohio University 1999
  • B.S. Secondary English Education & TESOL, Ohio University 1994

  • English Specialist, United States Department of State

  • Provost’s Award for Junior Faculty Achievement, Whitworth University, 2012

  • Honorable Mention: The Association for Faculty Women’s Harriett B. Rigas Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student, Washington State University, 2010

  • President’s Award for Student Excellence, Washington State University, 2009

  • “Salute to Excellence” Outstanding Teacher Award, Granville, Ohio, 2003-2005 

  • National Board Certification, 2004

  • F.B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award, 2003

Janine Darragh began her teaching career in 1994 teaching high school English in rural Appalachia. She spent 13 years in Ohio teaching English and coaching gymnastics, cross country and track before moving West to pursue her doctorate in literacy and language education. Most recently, she has taught education courses for Washington State University and Whitworth University. When Darragh is not reading, writing or researching, she enjoys trail running with her dog and cheering on Cincinnati, Ohio, sports’ teams.

  • Sociocultural issues in Children’s and Young Adult literature
  • Literacy and ESL education, teacher preparation, young adult literature


  • Boyd, A. S. & Darragh, J. J. (in press). Reading for Action: Engaging Youth in Social Justice through Young Adult Literature. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters:

  • Darragh, J. J. & Boyd, A. S. (2018). "We were dangerous, and brainwashed to kill': Death and resilience in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. In M. M. Falter & S. T. Bickmore (Eds.) Moving Beyond Personal Loss lo Societal Grieving: Discussing Death's Social Impact Through Literature in the Secondary ELA Classroom. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Darragh, J. J. (2016). Beyond cruel: Female heroines and Third- wave feminism in The Vampire Academy Series. In L. D' Amico (Ed.) Girl Talk: The Influence o/Girls · Series on American Popular Culture. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.
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Refereed Journal Manuscripts/ Articles (blind peer reviewed):

  • Darragh, J. J., & Petrie, G. M. (2019). "I feel like I'm teaching in a landmine: Teaching in the context of political trauma." Teaching and Teacher Education, 80, 180-189.
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  • Kimmons, R., Darragh, J. J., Haruch, A., & Clark, B. (2017). Essay composition across media: A quantitative comparison of 8th grade student essays composed with paper vs. Chromebooks. Computers and Composition, 44, 13-26.
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  • Darragh, J.J. (2008) Why just harlots and ’ho’s?: Finding time to put the sisterhood into the English Classroom. Washington English Journal, 3-13.


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