Commercial Law: Business Law & Entrepreneurship Law

Good lawyering for good business.

Gone are the days when a firm handshake was all you needed. Today’s business agreements involve complicated negotiations and contracts that demand a sophisticated understanding of the law.

In this program, you will study laws that govern business, commerce and consumer transactions. You will not only learn about the technical aspects of business law, but you will also form an understanding of how businesses work. Explore topics in contracts, negotiations, sales, bankruptcy, real estate, consumer law, taxation and more.

Listed among the nation's top 50 law schools for public interest and clinical opportunities, the college offers valuable practical experiences representing real clients. Learn business law through externships, a rigorous pro bono program, and clinics, like the Small Business Legal Clinic and the Family Justice Clinic.

Students in this area of emphasis have the option to study in Moscow or Boise.

This program could be a good fit if you:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree
  • Are interested in business
  • Want to practice law in an urban environment
  • Have solid skills in negotiation, project management and communication
  • Have a strong academic background
  • Can think critically and analytically about complex problems

With this degree, you could become a:

  • Lawyer (J.D.)
  • Corporate attorney
  • Bankruptcy lawyer
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Tax lawyer
  • Business leader
  • Public administrator
  • Entrepreneur

Available On-Campus