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Arts Committee

The committee has four responsibilities as defined by the Faculty Staff Handbook.  Those responsibilities are as follows: 

  1. To advise the university administration regarding the management of the university arts, including, but not limited to: acquisition, deaccession, maintenance, and display of works of visual and performing art at the University of Idaho.
  2. To serve in an advisory capacity for future needs and developments regarding the arts, including, but not limited to: expenditures, inclusion of the arts in new construction, fundraising, and the direction of the arts on campus.
  3. To serve as a liaison on arts issues between colleges, departments, faculty, staff, student body, local community and the university administration.
  4. To advocate for the arts through endeavors that advance arts education on campus and community outreach and enrichment in the effort of increasing the University of Idaho's reputation as a leading cultural center in the Northwest.

The committee is comprised of representatives from throughout campus and the community.  To view the current membership of the Arts Committee, please click here.

The University of Idaho Arts Committee aims to promote a broad range of artistic expression. Through creative endeavors, we aspire to enhance students’ educational experience and enrich our community. The University of Idaho has a strong impact on the city of Moscow, referred to as the Heart of the Arts.

University of Idaho Arts Committee Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn and integrate: The arts are essential to the University of Idaho’s commitment to the knowledge of arts and sciences.
  2. Think and create: The arts develop and enhance critical thinking skills. The arts foster and expand student’s creativity. 
  3. Communicate: Communication skills, both verbal and non verbal are essential to the success of all students.
  4. Clarify purpose and perspective: The arts are committed to understanding the self, both personal and in relation to ones environment
  5. Practice citizenship: The arts train students to understand the self in the context of society.