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University of Idaho Engineering Capstone Program Recognized as One of Nation’s Best

The National Academy of Engineering has recognized the University of Idaho College of Engineering’s capstone design program as one of the best in the nation.

The capstone program is among 29 engineering education programs chosen for their achievements, and one of only seven capstone programs highlighted in the National Academy’s report, “Infusing Real-World Experiences into Engineering Education.”

Every U-Idaho engineering graduate participates in a senior capstone design course before heading to graduate school or entering the workforce. Through the capstone program, senior engineering and computer science students apply their education to solving a complex problem, typically supported by an industry sponsor.

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The report recognizes the capstone program for industry/university collaboration and a self-sustaining structure centered on peer mentoring where graduate students guide seniors, some of whom become graduate students the following year and repeat the peer-mentoring process.

The National Academy of Engineering is the nation’s foremost engineering leadership organization. College of Engineering Dean Larry Stauffer said the National Academy’s recognition is the highest seal of approval the college can receive.

“Design and hands-on activities are signatures of our program,” Stauffer said. “These are two characteristics we are known for, and they are valued by industry and valued by our students.”

The University of Idaho Engineering Design EXPO showcases capstone projects each year. The EXPO is the Northwest’s longest-running interdisciplinary initiative, featuring students’ engineering and technological innovations. The EXPO will celebrate its 20th anniversary April 26, 2013.

Read more about some of our past capstone projects:

Student EXPO Project Allows State Board of Education to Mine Vital Data

Mapping out a successful future often depends on the ability to understand the past. Computer Science capstone students are working with the State Board of Education to create a software solution to a historically big problem.
» Learn more about the Idaho State Board of Education Data Mining Tool 

Real-World Value from an Out-of-this-World EXPO Project

Students involved with the 2011 EXPO’s Insane Methane Rain Plane project developed an experiment that can be flown on a future research mission to Titan, Saturn's largest moon. 
» Find out what the students say is the greatest value of being a part of EXPO.

Students Engineer a Better Tool for Boeing

A 2009 EXPO team's fresh prespective allowed them to create an improved product that solved real-world challenges that may not have been considered in the original design.
» See how Boeing is planning to use the student project two years later. 

Inventing the [Think Tank] Wheel

The Future Engineer's Roadmap to College Courses
"Our goal is to try to make it fun to explore around and see what the College of Engineering has to offer."
» Learn more about the Think TANK Advising Kiosk 

Keeping Snow White

The Clean Snowmobile Team keeps pollution low and enthusiasm high
“The fact that the team spends their spring break doing this really says something about both the members and the experience,” 
» Learn more about the Clean Snowmobile team

Getting the Lead into Hybrids

Using batteries to power a car is not as simple as it sounds
“The problems we’re dealing with are directly related to what we’ve learned in class,” says Whitaker, a senior in chemical engineering. “But it still has been a challenge.”
» Learn more about the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

Taylor-made Power

Bringing Power to the Wilderness
Using hydroelectric and solar energy sources, a bank of large batteries and a new data acquisition unit to supply up to 18 kilowatts of energy, this student-designed system meets the energy demands of a remote research station for more than four days.
» Learn more about the Taylor Wilderness Research Station