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U of I Rewards Students for Getting Tested Early

Fifty students received $100 gift cards to the VandalStore for participating in COVID-19 testing Jan. 6-10. Participating students were selected at random.

  • Zoie Anderson
  • Dishonna D. Arnett
  • Esteban C. Ayllon
  • Nell A. Baker
  • Bishal Bhattarai
  • Matthew T. Bosley
  • Sarah A. Burgett
  • Ethan A. Case
  • Bryn H. Cornelia
  • Hannah R. Eckert
  • Peyten V. Ely
  • Mitchell R. Garner
  • James D. Griffin
  • Jorge Hernandez
  • Jessica L. Holler
  • Graeme M. Holliday
  • Sam Holownia
  • Brynne Johnson
  • Pabitra Joshi
  • Rabindra R. Khanal
  • Hadley N. Kimball
  • Seth E. Lunders
  • Marshall S. McMillan
  • Sienna Nelson
  • Jade L. Osborne
  • Sherri L. Paz
  • Leif J. Pedersen
  • McKenzie G. Peringer
  • Logan K. Prescott
  • Jakin C. Richerson
  • Ashlyn K. Riddle
  • Alex M. Rivera
  • Rachel A. Roberts
  • Joseph Saccomando
  • Madelynn L. Simmons
  • Jean Smith
  • Dylan A. Streeter
  • Teja Sunku
  • Shaw S. Taylor
  • Jordyn E. Tuning
  • Samuel H. Weaver
  • Emma K. Winkle

Eight other students received cards but declined to have their names released.

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