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Faculty, Staff & Coronavirus

Our dedicated faculty and staff continue to provide instruction, research, support and service to the state. All instruction is offered online/remote with social distancing encouraged in all departments and units.


If you can work from home, you are required to do so.

If your work is not possible from home, work with your supervisor to determine if your work is essential to university operations at this time and within the parameters of the governor’s orders. Each vice president and dean is responsible for approving all on-site work.

Faculty will continue to teach online/remotely. If you can teach from home, please do so. If necessary, you can still access your classroom for course delivery. Buildings are accessible to employees with keys or keycards, but faculty must follow social distancing guidelines.

To assist faculty and staff in setting up technology to have the most success in working from home, Information Technology Services has created a set of recommendations and associated instructions for existing technology and new options specifically intended to address unique challenges of remote work. Accessing the recommendations and instructions will require you to log in with your U of I credentials.

Please carefully read and follow the instructions, including additional information in linked documents. It is possible that there will be issues with technology as we all work through this new paradigm. If you have issues during setup and use, submit a ticket at or contact your TSP or Local Support personnel as you normally would.

Yes. Buildings are closed but can be accessed with key or keycard for the purpose of delivering instruction. Social distancing must be used.

ITS has laptops, iPads, webcams and headsets available for check-out to help you deliver classes remotely. Please consider your proximity to internet access when determining your plans for classes.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is offering a variety of trainings and is working with instructors individually to help move classes online. Visit the online teaching training calendar for more information.

It is acceptable for faculty to change syllabi to accommodate online delivery. Everyone is asked to be flexible and communicate changes clearly to students.

We strongly encourage faculty to follow the CDC recommendation to “stay home when you are sick” but avoid canceling classes when possible. Faculty members must notify their supervisor and use sick leave if they are not able to work.

Research activities at a university facility may continue if they are related to:

  • Animal care (for both teaching and research animals);
  • Maintaining the integrity of research facilities, specimens and data;
  • Actions necessary to maintain ongoing research, but only to the extent that the action can’t be delayed and failure to take the action will result in material loss of research already performed or undue harm to human subjects;
  • Research related to COVID-19.

All continued access to labs and research sites must be approved by your dean or the vice president of research and economic development.

Human Resources

The university has the legal right to relieve an employee from duty for a variety of reasons, including illness. In some situations, this can present unintended consequences for the employee’s pay, so this is not encouraged at this time. The real underlying question is:

Should a supervisor send an employee who appears to be sick home against their will?

At our current risk level for COVID-19, the university is encouraging employees to voluntarily “stay home when you are sick.” If a supervisor believes an employee is sick, and believes the employee should be relieved from duty, that supervisor needs to contact their HR business partner to discuss the specifics of the case before making a final determination. As our risk level escalates, this answer may change.

Vandal Health Clinic

Physical Address:

831 Ash Street
Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208-885-6693

Directions to Vandal Health Clinic