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U of I’s Coronavirus Experts

The University of Idaho offers the following experts to comment on various angles related to the coronavirus outbreak:


Department of Biological Sciences


Expertise: Virus and host interactions, how viruses spread and how our bodies respond to viruses.

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Tanya Miura

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences


Expertise: Coronaviruses.

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Chuck Staben


Department of Biological Sciences

Expertise: Coronavirus readiness.

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Kenton Bird

Associate Professor

School of Journalism and Mass Media


Expertise: Science writing in the media and public opinion.

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Katie Blevins

Assistant Professor

School of Journalism and Mass Media


Expertise: Global media, media law and the spread of misinformation via news and social media on a global scale.

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Sociology, Psychology and Architecture

Lilian Alessa

Co-director Center for Resilient Communities, Professor

Department of Landscape Architecture


Expertise: Studying social response and decision-making on perceptions and constructs of reality in the COVID-19 context, social responses to disasters including perception, behaviors and compliance/non-compliance, national security and community response to crisis.

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Jamie Derrick

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology and Communication Studies


Expertise: Media’s effect on people during a pandemic.

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Dilshani Sarathchandra

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Expertise: Risk perceptions, anticipated public responses and strategies for risk communication.

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Bert Baumgaertner

Associate Professor

Department of Politics and Philosophy


Expertise: Vaccination attitudes, vaccine decision making and vaccine hesitancy.

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Sean Quinlan

Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Department of History


Expertise: History of science and medicine.

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Lorie Higgins

Professor and U of I Extension Specialist in Moscow

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology


Expertise: Rural sociology, community-based decision-making angle of an outbreak.

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Liang "Jimmy" Lu

Assistant Professor

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology


Expertise: Effect of global economy on agricultural markets.

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William A. Warren

Associate Professor

U of I Extension Educator in Clearwater County

208-476-4434/208-476-8980 (office); 208-553-1279 (cell)

Expertise: U of I state contact for the Extension Disaster Education Network, a collaborative multi-state effort by Extension Services across the country to provide resources and reduce the impact of disasters through research-based education.

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Department of Business


Expertise: Commodity and stock markets, looking at the bigger financial picture and trends.

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Darek Nalle

Co-director of the Barker Trading Program; Instructor

Department of Business


Expertise: Markets, commodities and stocks.

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Steven Peterson

Associate Clinical Professor

Department of Business


Expertise: Effects of systemic economic issues on local and regional economies.

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Stefanie Ramirez

Assistant Professor

Department of Business


Expertise: Governmental policies effect on economies, interest rates.

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Information Systems

Department of Business


Expertise: Rural sociology, community-based decision-making angle of an outbreak.

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Mark Rounds


Department of Business


Expertise: The logistics of cybersecurity and preventing hacks, networking hardware.

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Operations Management

Shenghan Xu

Associate Professor

Associate Professor


Expertise: Chain management, effects of interruptions in imports and exports on supplies of food, water, medical equipment and disease prevention materials.

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