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Building Air Capabilities

The University of Idaho has dozens of major buildings supporting campus operations and they vary greatly in terms of their heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems. Facilities technicians regularly service and maintain these systems to ensure safe and efficient operations. University buildings can generally be categorized into three groups, reflecting the differences in the capabilities of their supporting HVAC systems:

Building Type 3

These buildings use 100% outside air on a routine basis, primarily in support of key research activity. No inside air is recirculated. The fresh air is heated or cooled, as needed, and distributed through the building, meeting both comfort and research needs, and appropriately meeting ASHRAE guidelines for building operations.

  • Gibb Hall 
  • Life Science South
  • Holm Research Center 
  • Renfrew Hall
  • College of Natural Resources
  • Physical Education Building
  • McClure Hall 
  • Engineering/Physics Building
  • Hazmat (Hazardous Material Storage)
  • Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Gauss/Johnson Engineering
  • Integrated Research and Innovation Center

Building Type 2

These buildings recirculate inside air and supplement it with fresh air from outside. To further mitigate COVID-19 concerns, we are optimizing the amount of fresh air brought in, serving both health and comfort needs within the operating capabilities of the HVAC system, and enhancing the benefits of the system that already appropriately meets ASHRAE guidelines for building operations.

  • Administration Building, South Wing
  • Food Research Center
  • Menard Law Building
  • Ridenbaugh Hall
  • Bruce M. Pitman Center
  • Agriculture Science
  • Lionel Hampton School of Music, Auditorium
  • Janssen Engineering, floors 1, 2, 3 
  • Niccolls Building
  • Library
  • J W Martin Lab
  • KUID Radio and TV
  • College of Education
  • CLASS Annex 
  • Executive Residence
  • Swimming Center
  • Buchanan Engineering Laboratory
  • Human Resources
  • Hartung Theatre
  • WWAMI Building
  • Early Childhood Leaning Center
  • Green House (West 6th Street)
  • Golf Course Clubhouse
  • Native American/Migrant Education Center
  • ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center
  • ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center, East Edition
  • Student Recreation Center
  • VandalStore/U.S. Post Office
  • Vehicle Research Lab
  • JA Albertson Building
  • Living Learning Center, buildings 1-7
  • Wallace Residence Center, core building
  • Facilities Services

Building Type 1

These buildings are not outfitted with a centralized HVAC system. Stand-alone heating or cooling systems may be in operation in given spaces, but no large air handler serves the building. Outside fresh air is only introduced into the building through operable windows. Occupants are encouraged to take advantage of additional outside air when conditions allow.

  • Administration Building, North Wing
  • Art and Architecture North
  • Art and Architecture South
  • Art and Architecture East
  • Art and Architecture
  • Art and Architecture Crit-Shop
  • Art and Architecture VTD
  • Graduate Art Studio
  • Forney Hall
  • Hays Hall
  • Student Health Center
  • Memorial Gym
  • Morrill Hall
  • Brink and Phinney Halls
  • Lionel Hampton School of Music Building, basement and offices
  • Janssen, basement and ground floors
  • Blake House
  • Mines
  • McConnell Hall
  • Shoup Hall
  • Targhee Hall
  • Theophilus Tower
  • Wallace Complex, residential wings
  • Animal Pavilion & Meats Lab
  • Aquaculture Wet Lab
  • Milking Barn
  • Poultry Hill Warehouse

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