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Students will complete a minimum of 78 credits composed of the following and should complete a study plan by the end of the first year in the BCB Program:

  • 9 credits in core courses
  • 15 credits of depth courses
  • 30 credits of research & thesis work
  • 3 credits of graduate seminar
  • 3 credits of lab rotation or internship
  • 3 credits teaching experience
  • 15 credits additional to meet the minimum requirements (may include research credits).

Curriculum Summary

Biol 552: Professional Development is recommended for all first or second year BCB students.

Core Courses

The three required core courses (below) provide a shared educational foundation and a common language for interdisciplinary research.

Course ID Course Name Credits
CS 515 Computational Biology - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt. Odd S)
Biol 522 Molecular Evolution - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt. Even S)
Math 563 Mathematical Genetics - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt. Odd F)

Depth Courses

Depth courses are designed to provide detailed knowledge of bioinformatics and computational biology. Students will complete 15 credits of depth courses, including at least 6 in biological sciences and at least 6 in computer and mathematical sciences.

Research & Thesis

Students will conduct research and thesis work that leads to significant and original contributions to science.

Course ID Course Name Credits
BCB 600 Research and Thesis 30 credits

Graduate Seminar

Course ID Course Name Credits
BCB 501 (or eq.) Seminar 3 credits

Lab Rotation/Internship

The lab rotation or internship is designed by the student and their thesis committee and provides practical experience in research questions and methods outside the major emphasis area of the student. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their rotation or internship by the end of second year but required to complete the rotation or internship by the end of third year.

Lab rotation:  Students with a math or computer science emphasis take BCB 506 (biological science) and students with a biology emphasis take BCB 507 (computer science) or 508 (mathematical science) and must complete the BCB Lab Rotation or Internship Request Form to obtain BCB Director approval prior to registration. 

Internship:  Students must complete the BCB Internship Form to obtain BCB Director approval prior to registration.  The major professor is the instructor of record but must have a relationship with the internship supervisor to accurately assess a grade for the internship course.

Course ID Course Name Credits
BCB 506 Lab Experience in Biology 3 credits
BCB 507 Lab Experience in CS 3 credits
BCB 508 Lab Experience in Math/Stats 3 credits
BCB 598
3 credits

Teaching Experience

The thesis committee determines what constitutes acceptable teaching experience. It is possible to meet this requirement by teaching a course or workshop, organizing a seminar, or being a teaching assistant for an appropriate course. Students are required to complete the teaching experience by the end of 4th year. To meet your teaching requirement, you will enroll in BCB 597 and must complete the BCB Teaching Request Form to obtain the BCB director's approval prior to registration.

Course ID Course Name Credits
 BCB 597
Practicum TA
3 credits


You will need an additional 15 credits to meet the minimum credit requirements for the doctorate (may include research credits).


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