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Aquaculture Research Institute

The Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) conducts basic and applied research, supports undergraduate and graduate student education and research and is engaged in outreach activities in aquaculture, including food production, fisheries enhancement and fisheries stock restoration.

ARI’s general research focus areas are fish nutrition, fish disease, physiology, population genetics and selective breeding. ARI scientists utilize various physiological and biochemical techniques, coupled with advanced genomics and proteomics, in research projects.

IBEST Genomic Resources Core

The IBEST Genomics Resources Core provides researchers from the University of Idaho access to technology, experience and expertise in genomics research. Applications of these technologies are commonly used in biomedical research, but the interdisciplinary focus of the University of Idaho results in a wide range of fields that can benefit from the core, including microbial studies, agricultural studies, forest management and animal science.

L.C. Erickson Weed Diagnostics and Invasive Plant Mapping Laboratory

Want help getting your plants identified and controlled? The weed diagnostic lab identifies tracks and surveys for invasive plant species and also gives control recommendations to public, private and government entities. For more information please email Tim Prather.

Accomplishments — Over 1,500 plants and over 1,400 weeds are in the plant collection. More than 5,000 plants have been identified since 1984. Many new species have been found including 27 species not previously known in the northwest, 50 species not documented in Idaho and 35 species new to counties in Idaho.

Stillinger Herbarium

The Stillinger Herbarium serves as the official repository for voucher specimens for all ecological and evolutionary research that investigates the origin and maintenance of biological diversity conducted by students, faculty and staff at the University of Idaho. The herbarium organizes several floristic projects and collecting trips each year that are primarily focused on the vast, undercollected areas of Idaho, helping to expand our knowledge of the flora of the interior Pacific Northwest.

Idaho's Noxious Weeds


A popular $5 pocket guide showing full color photos, leaf shape illustrations for identification and maps of Idaho's prohibited noxious weeds.


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The Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria was created in 2007 to bring together regional herbaria and provide an online portal to access the wealth of existing and emerging information about the flora of the Pacific Northwest.

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Center for Research on Invasive Species