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The mission of the Center for Research on Invasive Species is to coalesce efforts at the University of Idaho for public outreach, funding and research focused on invasive species. Invasive's are non-native organisms that are introduced, by a variety of means, to new environments where they become established and cause harm. Invasive species affect a range of human endeavors, most notably agriculture, impact our health, and are one of the top threats to native plants and animals. The Center for Research on Invasive Species establishes an academic presence in the Pacific Northwest as a resource for research on invasive species.

The Center for Research on Invasive Species was formed by a group of 15 faculty at the University of Idaho and formalized as a research entity II in October 2019. Faculty representation comes from three colleges, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the College of Natural Resources and the College of Science. The intent of this center is to be all-inclusive and participation from across the university and throughout the region is encouraged and welcome.

The Center for Research on Invasive Species provides a resource to the public of the Pacific Northwest for science on invasive species. The center will host seminars and workshops, conduct school field trips and provide assistance through university extension outlets across the state. A major effort by center faculty will be leading invasive species research projects that will train students and postdoctoral fellows. Research studies are intended to be collaborative efforts that engage stakeholder agencies and affected groups in this region.

  • Research on the biology of invasive microbes, plants and animals

  • Workforce training in research and management of invasive species

  • An information source for invasive species within the Pacific Northwest

  • Seminars, workshops and public education on invasion biology


Center for Research on Invasive Species