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Melinda Hamilton Ph.D
Director of STEM Education
Office: Shoup 310
Phone: (208) 885-7803
Email: mhamilton@uidaho.edu

UI STEM Strategic Plan

Vision: University of Idaho is a state and nationally recognized leader in preparing the next generation STEM professionals and thereby contributes to the region and the nation’s economic competitiveness .

Mission: Lead the nation in cutting edge integrated STEM research, teaching practices and outreach efforts using Idaho as a learning laboratory, targeting under-represented students, and focusing on UI strengths.

Objective 1: Inspire and Prepare
Aimed at K-12 students in Idaho, University of Idaho will be a leader in programs that excite students

about the possibilities of STEM higher education and STEM careers, make them aware of the educational and workforce opportunities and pathways, and prepare them to successfully pursue those pathways.

Objective 2: Support for Success 
The University of Idaho will develop, implement and adopt best practices for undergraduate and graduate education that increase student achievement in, involvement in, and successful completion of STEM programs, degrees, and courses. Support programs will assist students from all backgrounds in their pursuit of STEM education.  Particular focus will be placed on key attrition points in the first 2 years of the undergraduate experience.

Objective 3: Integrate Research
Educational research efforts will be assimilated into disciplinary research efforts at the University.  As more and more sponsors require education and outreach components in funded programs, the expertise of faculty in teaching and learning will be critical assets of STEM disciplinary research teams.  University of Idaho’s reputation as a leader in research fields such as agricultural science, natural resource and conservation and engineering will be enhanced further with this integration.