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Research Team

Traci Craig

Traci Craig is an Associate Professor and is currently serving as Associate Dean for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. Dr. Craig's research interests include: Small Group Processes, Diversity in the Workplace, Stereotypes and Prejudice, Sexual Harassment, and Gender Differences. Her interest in STEM education is driven by an interest in diversifying the workplace and creating inclusive climates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As a member of the STEM team, she hopes to find synergies that will allow STEM education to benefit a larger and more diverse population, as well as exploring ways in which STEM information is relayed to and received by the public.

Melinda Davis

Melinda Davis is the Director of STEM Education for the University of Idaho. She joined the University in October 2012 after 22 years at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Melinda has a strong commitment and leadership role to STEM education around the state and has established statewide relationships and programs including the i-STEM state network. Melinda serves as a national leader and the key interface with national STEM education organizations and sponsors such as TIES (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM); Change the Equation; and STEMx, the Multi-State STEM Network. Melinda is serving as co-director and brings her leadership in STEM education and experience fostering partnerships to the project.

Leontina Hormel

Leontina Hormel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Idaho. Her research and teaching are in the areas of globalization, political economy, inequalities (social class and gender), and research methods (qualitative and quantitative).

With experience conducting research in post-Soviet societies and in the U.S., Leontina brings to the project her experience with mixed-method research and comprehension of political and economic contexts that may affect communities and their residents. Her previous work involved a community study in Komsomolsk, Ukraine, that involved survey and ethnographic methods aimed to assist the city’s municipal government in assessing residents’ living conditions. Most recently, she has concentrated her efforts on conducting the STEM Education Research Project by facilitating the 2011 focus groups throughout Idaho, as well as designing, analyzing, and interpreting the focus group and survey phases of the project.

Susan Stauffer

Susan Stauffer is a former statistics and math teacher with an academic background in chemistry. She is a research associate in the College of Education at the University of Idaho. Susan brings her professional experience as a high school teacher, her statistical and scientific research expertise, and her commitment to public education to this project. She will assist in the development and administration of surveys; edit reports, press releases, this website and presentations; and help coordinate innovations in partnership with schools, industry, communities, and educators.

Cori Mantle-Bromley

Corinne Mantle-Bromley is the Dean and Professor of the College of Education at the University of Idaho. Cori brings a breadth of knowledge about the K-12 educational system and school-university-industry partnerships. She serves on the State of Idaho Department of Education Professional Standards Commission which provides leadership for professional standards and accountability in Idaho’s schools. She serves as a co-director for this project and brings her K-12 knowledge, research skills, extensive experience on promoting teaching excellence and education in the State of Idaho to this project.

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