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President's Native American Advisory Council

Contact Information: Coeur d'Alene Tribe Headquarters, PO Box 408, 850A Street, Plummer ID 83851, Phone: 208-686-1800
Leadership: Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council:
  • Chairman: Ernie Stensgar
  • Vice Chairman: Chief Allen
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Don Sczenki
  • Council Member: Charlotte Nilson
  • Council Member: Dave Matheson
  • Council Member: Christopher Luke
  • Council Member: Hemene James
State Legislative District: Idaho State Legislative Districts 3 and 5
Congressional District: Idaho Congressional District 1
Counties: Kootenai County, Benewah County
Reservation Description: The Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation is located in north-central Idaho with tribal headquarters located in the town of Plummer. The reservation consists of 345,000 acres. The lower one-third of Lake Coeur d'Alene is on the reservation. The reservation is primarily of fringe ecosystem where the Palouse prairie meets the forests of the western slopes of the Bitterroot Mountains. Historically, the Coeur d’Alene people lived on 5,000,000 acres in eastern Washington, as far north as Lake Pend Oreille and south to the north shores of the Snake River in Idaho. The valleys and mountains of Western Montana were included as the homelands.
Population/Enrollment: The people's name for themselves is Schitsu'umsh, "Those Found Here" or "Discovered People." There are 2,405 enrolled members of the tribe.
Enterprises: Coeur d'Alene Casino/Hotel, Circling Raven golf Course, Development Corp, Benewah market, Benewah Ace Hardware, Benewah Automobile, Tribal Farm, Echelon (Formerly Berg), Conoco Station, Red Spectrum Communications
Schools(Public/Tribal): Coeur d'Alene Early Childhood Learning Center, Phone: 208-686-6507

Plummer-Worely School District #44, P.O. Box 130, Plummer, Idaho 83851 Phone: 208-686-1621

Lakeside Elementary Phone: 208-686-1651

Lakeside Jr/Sr High School Phone: 208-686-1627 

Coeur d'Alene Tribal School, Grades P-8, 30 Moctelme Street / P.O. Box 338, Desmet, Idaho 83824, Phone: 208-686-5808, funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Coeur d'Alene Tribe

Contact Information: The Yakama Nation Main Agency Offices, 401 Fort Road, P.O. Box 151, Toppenish, WA 98948, Phone: 509-865-5121
Yakama Nation Tribal Council:  
Chairman: Delano Saluskin
Term: Lifetime
Vice-Chairwoman: Virgil Lewis Sr.
Term: Lifetime
Secretary: Athena Sanchey-Yallup Term: Lifetime
Assistant Secretary: Charlene Tillequots
Term: Lifetime
Sargent at Arms: Terry L. Heemsah Sr.
Term: Lifetime
Council Member: Dana Miller

Council Member: George Selam  
Council Member: Francis George
Council Member: Gene Sutterlict Sr.
Council Member: Raymond Smartlowit
Council Member: George R. Meninick
Council Member: Terry Goudy-Rambler
Council Member: Jeremy Takala
Council Member: Roger Fiander

Council Member: Gerald Lewis

State Legislative District: Washington State Legislative District 14 and 15
Congressional District: Washington State Congressional District 4
Counties: Yakima County
Reservation Description: The Yakama Nation is comprised of 1,130,000 acres. The western boundary includes the eastern half of 12,307 foot high, Pahto, also known as Mount Adams. The northern boundary drops off of the crests of the Cascade Mountains, down onto and following Ahtanum Ridge eastward to where the Yakima River becomes the eastern boundary. Toppenish Ridge encloses the reservation as its southern border. The eastern portion of the Yakama Nation contains approximately 600,000 acres of forest. The lower, eastern basin is under the rain shadow of the Cascades, a dry landscape of sagebrush steppe, irrigated by mountain runoff.
Population/Enrollment: The Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation consists of 10,200 (2011) enrolled tribal members. In 1855, tribal peoples of the Columbia Plateau signed a treaty with the United States, including those who were to become known as the Yakama Nation. The people who became tribal members are originally the Li-ay-was, Kow-was-say-ee, Kah-milt-pah, Oche-chotes, Klickitat, Se-ap-cat, Klinquit, Shyiks, Palouse, Wenatshapam, Yakama, Skinpah, Pisquose and Wishram peoples.
Enterprises: Yakama Nation Forest Products, Yakama Nation Legends Casino, Yakama Nation Cultural Center, Yakama Nation Resort RV Park, Yakama Nation Land Enterprise, Yakama Nation Wildlife, Yakama Nation Gaming Commission, Yakama Power, Yakama Nation Fruit and Produce, Yakama Nation Networks
Schools(Public/Tribal): Toppenish School District, 306 Bolin Dr. Toppenish, WA 98948 Phone: 509-865-4455

Granger School District # 204, 701 E AVE, Granger WA 98932 Phone: 509-854-1515

Wapato School District, 212 West Third Street, Wapato WA 98951 Phone: 509-877-4181

Yakama Nation Tribal School, 601 Linden Street, Toppenish WA 98948 Phone: 509-865-4778

Klickitat School District # 402, PO Box 37 / 98 School Drive, Klickitat WA 98628 Phone: 509-369-3422

Lyle School District # 406, 625 Keasey Avenue, Lyle WA 98635 509-767-1132

Glenwood School District # 401, 320 Bunnell Street, Glenwood WA 98619 Phone: 509-364-3438

Wishram School District # 94, 135 Bunn Rd. / PO Box 8, Wishram WA 98673 Phone: 509-748-2127

Mount Adams School District, 621 Signal Peak Rd. White Swan, WA 98952 Phone: 509-874-2611

Ellensburg School District, 1300 E Third Avenue, Ellensburg WA 989226 Phone: 509-925-8010

Zillah School Disrict, 213 Fourth AVE, Zillah WA 98953 Phone: 509-829-6290

Goldendale School District, 604 Brooks St., Goldendale WA 98620 Phone: 509-773-5177

Wahluke School District, 411 East Saddle Mountain Drive, / PO Box 907, Mattawa WA 99349 Phone: 509-932-4565

Yakima School District, 104 N 4th Avenue, Yakima WA 98902 Phone: 509-573-7300.
Reservation Map:
Yakama Nation Tribal Council: 
JoDe L. Goudy 
Vice-Chairwoman: Delano Saluskin
Secretary: Athena Sanchey-Yallup 
Assistant Secretary: Gerald Lewis 
Sargent at Arms: Ash Washines 
Council Member: Asa Washines 
Council Member: Delano Saluskin 
Council Member: Frank Mesplie 
Council Member: Raymond Smartlowit 
Council Member: Richard George 
Council Member: Ruth Jim 
Council Member: Sam Jim Sr. 
Council Member: Virgil Lewis 
Council Member: Vivian Babs George

Contact Information: Colville Tribes, P.O. Box 150, Nespelem, WA 99155; Phone: 509-634-2238; Fax: 509-634-2276
Colville Business Council:   
Chairman: Rodney Cawston
Vice-Chairman: Jack Ferguson       
Secretary: Joel Boyd

State Legislative District: Washington Legislative Districts 7 and 12
Congressional District: Washington Congressional District 5
Counties: Southeastern section of Okanogan County and the southern half of Ferry County, other pieces of Trust lands are located in Chelan County.
Reservation Description: The Colville Reservation is located in north-central Washington State, consisting of 11.4 million acres and is bordered on the west by the Okanogan River and to the south and west by Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River. The northern boundary runs in a straight line from north of Omak and ends north of the community of Inchelium. There are small parcels of trust lands located in Chelan County. The reservation is located on the Okanogan Highlands with elevations ranging from 790 feet to 6,774 feet at the summit of Mount Moses.
Population/Enrollment: There are approximately 9,486 enrolled tribal members who are descendants of 12 tribes and bands: Colville, Nespelem, San Poil, The Lake, Palus, Wenatchi, Chelan, Entiat, Methow, Okanogan, Moses Columbia and Nez Perce of Chief Joseph's Band. About 60% of those members reside on the Colville reservation.
Enterprises: The Colville Tribal Federal Corporation employs 800 people and generates $120 million in revenue by managing 13 enterprises that include recreation, gaming, tourism, construction, wood products and retail.
Schools(Public/Tribal): Higher Education Office Phone: 509-634-2779

Inchelium Headstart Phone: 509-722-7054

Keller Headstart Phone: 509-634-7316

Nespelem Headstart Phone: 509-634-2298

Omak Headstart Phone: 509-422-7708

Inchelium School District # 70, Grades P-12, P.O. Box 285, Inchelium, Washington 99138 Phone: 509-722-6181

Columbia School District# 206, Grades P-12, P.O. Box 7 4961B Hunters Shop Road, Hunters, Washington 99137 Phone: 509-722-3311

Keller School District # 3, Grades K-6, P.O. Box 367 17 South School Road, Keller, Washington 99140 Phone: 509-634-4325

Republic School District # 309, Grades K-12, 30306 E Highway 20, Republic, Washington 99166-8746 Phone: 509-775-3173

Wilbur School District # 200, Grades K-12,SE 202 Pope St., Wilbur, Washington 99185 Phone: 509-215-0184

Nespelem School District # 014, Grades P-8, 229 School Loop Road P.O. Box 291, Nespelem, Washington 99155-1291 Phone: 509-634-4541

Grand Coulee Dam School District, Grades K-12, 110 Stevens Avenue Coulee Dam, Washington 99116 Phone: 509-633-2143

Pascal Sherman Indian School, Grades K-9, 169 North End Omak Lake Road, Omak, Washington 98841 Phone: 509-422-7590, funded by Bureau of Indian Affairs

Omak School District # 19, Grades K-12, 619 W. Bartlett Ave. / P.O. Box 833 Omak, Washington 98841 Phone: 509-826-0320

Okanogan School District, Grades K-12, 115 Rose Street / P.O. Box 592, Okanogan, Washington 98840 Phone: 509-422-3629
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Colville

Contact Information: Nixy'aawii Governance Center, 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton, Oregon 97801. Communications Department, Phone: 541-429-7010, Email: Website: Umatilla Indian Reservation/td>
Board of Trustees:
Chairwoman: Kat Brigham Term: December 2021
Vice-Chairman: Jeremy Wolf Term: December 2021
Treasurer: Sandra Sampson Term: December 2021
Secretary: Sally Kosey Term: December 2021
General Council Chair: Lindsey X. Watchman Term: December 2021
Member: Corinne Sams Term: December 2021
Member: Armand Minthorn Term: December 2021
Member: Jill-Marie Gavin Term: December 2021
Member: Boots Pond  
General Council:
Chair: Lindsey X. Watchman
Vice Chairman: Michael R. Johnson
Secretary: Shawna Gavin  
Interpreter: Thomas Morning Owl

State Legislative District: Oregon State House Districts 57, 58. Oregon State Senate District 29
Congressional District: Oregon Congressional District 2
Counties: Umatilla County
Reservation Description: The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is home to the Walla Walla, Umatilla and Cayuse peoples. The reservation consists of 172,882 acres of which 52 percent is owned by tribal members and 48% is non-Indian owned. The reservation is adjacent to the towns of Pendleton, Adams, Weston, and Pilot Rock, Oregon, and includes the bottom lands, foothills and higher forests of the Blue Mountains.
Population/Enrollment: 2,965 tribal members with approximately half these tribal members living on or near the Umatilla reservation. About 300 Indians of other tribes also call the Umatilla reservation home. About 1,500 non-Indians reside on the reservation as well.
Enterprises: Wildhorse Casino, Arrowhead Travel Plaza, Ataw Consulting, LLC, Business Development Services, Cayuse Technologies, Coyote Business Park, CTUIR Tribal Native Plant Nursery, Indian Lake, Mission Market, Tama'stslikt Cultural Institute, Yaka Energy
Schools(Public/Tribal): Cay-Uma-Wa Head Start Program, Mission, Oregon

Nixya'awii High School, 73300 July Grounds Lane, Pendleton Oregon 97801 Phone: 541-966-2680

Pendleton School District, 1100 Southgate, Suite B, Pendleton, Oregon 97801 Phone: 541-276-6711

Athena Weston-School District #29RJ, 375 S. 5th Street, Athena, Oregon 97813 Phone: 541-566-3551

Pilot Rock School District , 200 McGowan Drive, P.O. Box BB, Pilot Rock, Oregon 97868 Phone: 541-443-8291

Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Umatilla

Contact Information: Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, Main Agency Offices, 1233 Veterans Street, P.O. Box C, Warm Springs, OR 97761, Phone: 541-553-1161
Warm Springs Tribal Council:
Chairman: Raymond Tsumpti
Term: 2022
Vice Chairman: Lola Sohappy
Term: 2022
Paiute Chief: Joseph Moses
Term: Lifetime
Warm Springs Chief: Delvis Heath
Term: Lifetime
Wasco Chief: Alfred Smith, Jr.
Term: Lifetime
Agency District Representative: Glendon Smith
Term: 2022
Agency District Representative: Anita District
Term: 2022
Seekseequa District Representativ: Wilson Wewa
Term: 2022
Seekseequa District Representative: Brigette McConville
Term: 2022
Simnasho District Representative: Ray "Captain" Moody
Term: 2022
Simnasho District Representative: Lincoln "Jay" Suppah
Term: 2022

State Legislative District: Oregon State House District 59, Oregon State Senate District 30
Congressional District: Oregon State Congressional District 2
Counties: Jefferson County
Reservation Description: The reservation that the Tribes control has a land area of 1,000 square miles.
Population/Enrollment: The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation has 4,800 enrolled tribal members, of which 3,700 live on the reservation (2008). The Tribes are governed by an 11 member Tribal Council, of which three serve life positions on council as Chiefs of the three Tribes that conduct their affairs through a constitutional government since 1938. Eight Tribal Council Members are elected per district and serve for three years.
Enterprises: Warm Springs Ventures, Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range, Construction Enterprise, Warm Springs Credit Enterprise, Warm Springs Cannabis, Warm Springs Geo Visions, High Lookee Lodge, Indian Head Casino, Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa, The Museum at Warm Springs, Warm Composite Products, Warm Springs Power and Water Enterprises, Warm Springs Telecom
Schools(Public/Tribal): Warms Springs K-8 Academy, 50 Chukar Rd, Warm Springs, OR 97761, Phone: 541-553-1128
Madras High School, 390 SE 10th St, Madras, OR 97741, Phone: 541-475-7265
Reservation Map: Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation map

Contact Information: Kalispel Tribal Headquarters, P.O. 39 Usk, Washington 99180, Phone: 509-445-1147, Fax: 509-445-1705
Kalispel Business Council:  
Chairman: Glen Nenema
Vice Chairman: Curt Holmes
Secretary: Betty Jo Piengkham
Council Member: Nick Pierre
Council Member: Sonny Bigsmoke  

State Legislative District: Washington Legislative District 7
Congressional District: Washington Congressional District 5
Counties: Pend Oreille County, Spokane County
Reservation Description: The Kalispel reservation was established in 1914 and consisted of seven-square miles on the eastern bank of the Pend Oreille River near the towns of Usk and Cusick, Washington. Since that time four-square miles have been added including a half square mile within the city of Airway Heights, Washington. The Kalispel Tribe holds an additional five-and-one-half-square miles of forest and natural resource property in northeast Washington and north Idaho. The main reservation is made up of 4,654 acres. Originally, Lake Pend'Orieille, Priest Lake and the plains of northwestern Montana are made up the Kalispel homeland.
Population/Enrollment: The Kalispel Tribe currently consists of 450 members with approximately one-third residing on the reservation. Many tribal members reside on the neighboring county of Spokane and throughout Pend Oreille County. The tribal members are of the Lower Kalispels. The Upper Kalispel tribesmen now reside on the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Reservation in Montana, where they are known as the Pend'Orieille and on the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in north central Washington.
Enterprises: Northern Quest Casino, Kaltran - Tribal Transit, Camas Center for Community Wellness, Kalispel Kafe, Kalispel Agricultural Enterprise
Schools(Public/Tribal): Kalispel Tribe Director of Education Phone: 509-447-7141

Kalispel Tribe Higher Education Office Phone: 509-445-0272

Cusick School District # 59, 305 Monumental Way, Cusick, Washington 99119 Phone: 509-445-1125

Kalispel Career Training Center, Cusick Washington, provides vocational training to tribal and non-tribal members

Camas Learning Center, 109 First Street, Cusick, Washington 99119 Phone: 509-447-7140, provides tutoring to tribal and non-tribal youth of Cusick School Districts and provides education in the Kalispel language and Kalispel tribal culture.
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Kalispel Tribe

Contact Information: Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, P.O. Box 1269, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805, Phone: 208-267-3519, Fax: 208-267-2960
Kootenai Tribal Council:   
Chairman: Gary Aitken, Jr. 
 Term: October  
Vice Chairwoman: Jennifer Porter 
 Term: October
Treasurer: Rex Aitken
 Term: October
Secretary: Velma Bahe 
 Term: October
Council Member: Angela Cooper             
 Term: October
Council Member: Desire Aitken
 Term: October
Council Member: Kym Cooper
 Term: October
Council Member: Dianne David  Term: October
Council Member: Ron Abraham
 Term: October

State Legislative District: Idaho Legislative District 1
Congressional District: Idaho Congressional District 1
Counties: Boundary County
Reservation Description: The Kootenai Indian Reservation was first established in 1896, and after severe land loss, 12.5 acres was deeded by Executive Order after the Kootenai people declared war on the United States on September 20, 1974. Currently, the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho has land holdings consisting of 3,985 acres in-and around Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
Population/Enrollment: The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho has 252 enrolled members with approximately 75 to 80 members residing on the reservation. The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho is one of seven bands of Kootenai including: Lower Kootenai Band in Creston, BC, St Mary's Band of Cranbrook, BC, Columbia Lake Band in Windemere, BC, Shushwap Band, in Invermere, BC, Tobacco Plains Band in Grasmere, BC, and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe in Elmo, Montana.
Enterprises: Kootenai River Inn Casino and Spa, Twin Rivers Canyon Resort and Burbot Hatchery
Schools(Public/Tribal): Boundary County School District 101, 7188 Oak Street, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 Phone: 208-267-7217
Bonners Ferry High School Phone: 208-267-3149
Boundary County Middle School Phone: 208-267-3146
Naples Elementary School Phone: 208-267-2965
Mount Hall Elementary School Phone: 208-267-5276
Valley View Elementary School Phone: 208-267-5519
Reservation Map: kootenai tribe

Contact Information: The Nez Perce Tribe, P.O. Box 305, Lapwai, Idaho 83540, Phone: 208-843-2253 Fax: 208-843-7354
Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC):   
Chairman: Shannon Wheeler
 Term: May 2022
Vice-Chairman: Chantel Greene
 Term: May 2021
Secretary: Rachel Edwards
 Term: May 2023
Treasurer: Casey Mitchell
 Term: May 2023
Asst. Secretary-Treasurer: Elizabeth Arthur-Attao      
 Term: May 2022
Chaplain: Arthur Broncheau
 Term: May 2022
Council Member: Mary Jane Miles
 Term: May 2021
Council Member: Gerris Paisano III
 Term: May 2021
Council Member: Quintin Ellenwood
 Term: May 2023

State Legislative District: Idaho State Legislative Districts 6 and 7
Congressional District: Idaho Congressional District 1
Counties: Nez Perce County, Lewis County, Clearwater County, Idaho County
Reservation Description: The Nez Perce Indian Reservation is located between the lower Clearwater and Salmon river drainages in north central Idaho. The reservation is comprised of 770,453 acres of which 385,227 acres is considered cropland, 261,954 acres of grazing land and 100,159 acres is forestland. Of this acreage, the Nez Perce Tribe and Nez Perce tribal members own approximately 13%. Traditional Nez Perce territory consisted of over 17 million acres and covered northeast Oregon, Southeastern Washington, north central Idaho, and the buffalo country of Montana and Wyoming.
Population/Enrollment: Nez Perce Tribal enrolled members number 3,542 (2014) with approximately 2,000 tribal members residing on the reservation. The total population of the Nez Perce reservation is 18,437. The Nimi'ipuu (Nez Perce) people originate from two bands, the lower Nimi'ipuu of the Wallowa, Oregon Valley and the Upper Nimi'ipuu of the Clearwater River and lower Salmon River mountains and valleys.
Enterprises: Clearwater River Casino/Hotel, IT'SeYeYe Casino, Nez Perce Express Store, Camas Express Store, Aht'wy Plaza RV Park, Nez Perce Forest Products
Schools(Public/Tribal): Nez Perce Tribe Early Childhood Development Program: Lapwai, Idaho, Phone: 208-843-7330, Kamiah, Idaho, 208-935-2888

Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program, Kamiah, Phone: 208-935-2811

Lapwai School District # 341, 404 Main Street, P.O. Box 247, Lapwai Idaho 83540 Phone: 208-843-2622

Lapwai Elementary Phone: 208-843-2952

Lapwai High School Phone: 208-843-2241

Culdesac Joint School District # 342, 600 Culdesac Avenue, Culdesac, Idaho 83524 Phone: 208-843-5413

Highland Joint School District # 305, 112 Boulevard Avenue, P.O. Box 130, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 Phone: 208-924-5211

Nezperce School District # 302, P.O. Box 279, 614 2nd Avenue, Nezperce, Idaho 83543 Phone: 208-937-2551

Orofino Joint School District # 171, 1051 Michigan Avenue, Orofino, Idaho 83544 Phone: 208-476-5593

Cavendish-Teaken Elementary (Lenore) Phone: 208-476-5393

Peck Elementary Phone: 208-486-7331

Orofino Elementary Phone: 208-476-4212

Orofino Jr. High School Phone: 208-476-5557

Timberline Schools, P-12 , Weippe, Idaho Phone: 208-435-4411
Reservation Map:
References: UI Extension, Nez Perce County

Contact Information: Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Headquarters, P.O. Box 306, Fort Hall, Idaho 83203, Phone: 208-478-3700
Leadership: Shoshone-Bannock Business Council:
Chairman: Tino Batt
Vice-Chairman:Kevin Callahan
Secretary: Donna Thompson
Treasurer: Tino Batt
Sargent-at-Arms: Lee Juan Tyler
Council Member: Ladd Edmo
Council Member: Nathan Small
Council Member: Darrell Dixey
State Legislative District: Idaho State Legislative Districts 28, 29, 31
Congressional District: Idaho Congressional District 2
Counties: Bannock County, Bingham County, Caribou County, Power County
Reservation Description: The Shoshone-Bannock people reside on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation of southeast Idaho. The reservation spans 540,764 acres and is 97% Indian owned. The reservation is divided into five tribal legislative districts: Fort Hall, Ross Fork, Gibson, Bannock Creek, and Lincoln. The Fort Hall reservation was established July 2, 1863, by the Treaty of Fort Bridger. The original reservation land base of 1.8 million acres was ceded two times to its present size.
Population/Enrollment: The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes have 5,854 enrolled members with 4,038 members residing on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. There are 1,826 non-Indians living on the Fort Hall reservation. The Fort Hall Shoshone are descended from the Lemhi, Bruneau, Weiser, Sheep Eater, Boise Valley, and Wind River Shoshone. The Bannock, as well as the Shoshone, have relations throughout the state of Nevada, Utah, and Warm Springs, Oregon.
Enterprises: Shoshone-Bannock Enterprises, Phone: 208-235-2022; Bannock Peak Casino, Buffalo Enterprise, Bannock Peak Truck Stop, Clothes Horse, Smoke House, T.P. Gas Station, Trading Post Grocery
Schools(Public/Tribal): Shoshone-Bannock Early Childhood Headstart, Fort Hall, Idaho, Phone: 208-239-4500

Chief Tahgee School District # 483, Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy, P.O. Box 217 - 38 S Highline Rd Fort Hall ID 83203, Phone: 208-237-2710, Fax: 208-237-1734

Shoshone-Bannock School District #512 or 537: P.O. Box 790 , Fort Hall, Idaho 83203 Phone: 208-238-4200

Shoshone-Bannock Junior / Senior High School, 17400 Hiline Rd, Pocatello, Idaho 83202 Phone: 208-238-4200

Blackfoot School District # 55: Vaughn Hughie Early Childhood Center, 420 Center St Blackfoot, ID 83221 Phone: 208-785-8848

Irving Kindergarten Center, 440 W Judicial Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8835

Fort Hall Elementary, RT 6 Box 430, Ft Hall, ID 83202, Phone: 208-237-2207

Groveland Elementary, 375 W 170 N Blackfoot, ID 83221, 208-785-8829

Ridge Crest Elementary, 800 Airport Rd Blackfoot ID 83221, 208-785-8894

Donald D. Stalker Elementary, 991 W Center Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8841

I.T. Stoddard Elementary, 460 York Drive Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-7850-8832

Wapello Elementary, 195 E 350 N Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8844

Blackfoot Sixth Grade School, 50 S Shilling Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8838

Mountain View Middle School, 645 Mitchell Ln Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8820

Summit Middle School, 270 E Bridge St Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8800

Blackfoot High School, 870 S Fisher Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8810

Independence High School, 155 E Francis Blackfoot ID 83221, Phone: 208-785-8825

Pocatello/Chubbuck School District No. 25, 3115 Poleline Rd Pocatello ID 83201, Phone: 208-232-3563

Chubbuck Elementary, 600 W Chastain, Phone: 208-237-2272

Edahow Elementary, 2020 Pocatello Cr Rd, Phone: 208-233-1844

Ellis Elementary, 5500 Whitaker Rd, 208-237-4742; Gate City Elementary, 228 Hiskey, Phone: 208-237-2503

Green acres Elementary, 1250 Oak, Phone: 208-233-2575

Indian Hills Elementary, 666 Cheyenne, Phone: 208-232-4086

Jefferson Elementary, 1455 Gwen, Phone: 208-232-2914

Lewis and Clark Elementary, 880 Grace Drive, Phone: 208-233-2552

Lincoln Center/Early Intervention, 330 Oakwood Drive, Phone: 208-232-2994

Montessori Elementary, 12743 Tyhee Rd, Phone: 208-237-0551

Syringa Elementary, 388 E Griffeth Rd, Phone: 208-237-4040

Tendoy Elementary, 957 E Alameda, Phone: 208-233-2921 Tyhee Elementary, 12743 W Tyhee Rd, Phone: 208-237-0051

Washington Elementary, 226 S 10th Ave, Phone: 208-232-2976

Wilcox Elementary, 427 Lark Lane, Phone: 208-237-6050

Alameda Middle School, 845 McKinley, Phone: 208-235-6800

Century High School, 7801 Diamondback Drive, Phone: 208-478-6863

Franklin Middle School, 2271 E Terry, Phone: 208-233-5590

Hawthorne Middle School, 1025 W Eldridge, Phone: 208-237-1680

Highland High School, 1800 Bench Rd, Phone: 208-237-1300

Irving Middle School, 911 N Grant, Phone: 208-232-3039

New Horizons (Alternative) , 955 W Alameda Rd, Phone: 208-237-2233

Pocatello High School, 325 N Arthur, Phone: 208-233-2056
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
References: Shoshone Bannock Fort Hall Reservation

Contact Information: Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Headquarters ,1008 Idaho State Highway 51, Owyhee County, Idaho 83604; Tribal Headquarters, P.O. Box 219, Owyhee, Nevada 89832; Phone: 208-759-3100 Fax: 208-3103 Email:
Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Business Council:   
Chairman: Colin "Taco" Thomas Term: April 2023
Vice-Chairman: Brian Thomas Term: April 2021
Secretary: Lynneil Brady Term: April 2022
Treasurer: Brian Mason Term: April 2023
Council Member: Arnold Thomas Term: April 2020
Council Member: Dennis Smith Sr. Term: April 2021
Council Member: James Blossom Term: April 2022
Chief Executive Officer: William Van Lente  

State Legislative District: Idaho State Legislative District 23
Nevada State Legislative Rural District 8
Congressional District: Idaho Congressional District 1
Nevada Congressional District 2
Counties: Owyhee County, Idaho
Elko County, Nevada
Reservation Description: The Shoshone-Paiute Reservation, also known as the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, consists of 280,071 acres and is located on the southern boundary of Idaho and the northern state line of Nevada. The East Fork of the Owyhee River flows through the reservation providing irrigated water through the Wildhorse Reservoir to 12,800 acres of tribal farmland. Sheep Creek, Mountain View and Billy Shaw Reservoirs, supplied by snow melt are on the Shoshone-Paiute lands. Approximately 80% of tribal members utilize reservation lands for farming and ranching. The central community is Owyhee, 97 miles south of Mountain Home, Idaho, and 98 miles north of Elko, Nevada.
Population/Enrollment: Tribal enrollment is 2,132 with approximately 1,200 tribal members living on the reservation. Enrolled members are descendants of the Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute, who once lived in Oregon and all of southern Idaho and northern Nevada. Blood relatives of the Shoshone-Paiute include members of the Warm Springs Tribes of Oregon, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of southeastern Idaho, the Wind River, Wyoming, Shoshones and the scattered Shoshone-Paiute Colonies throughout Nevada.
Enterprises: Our Grocery Store, Economic Development Corporation, Ace Hardware Store, Treasure Valley Development Corporation, Shoshone-Paiute Tribes 101 Ranch
Schools(Public/Tribal): Owyhee Combined School, Elko County School District, 100 Academic Way, Owyhee, Nevada 89832 Phone: 775-757-3400
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Duck Valley

Contact Information: Spokane Tribe of Indians, 6195 Ford-Wellpinit Road, P.O. Box 100, Wellpinit, Washington 99040 Phone: 509-458-6500
Spokane Tribal Business Council:  
Chairman: Carol Evans Term: June 2019
Vice-Chair: Greg Abrahamson Term: June 2019
Secretary: Richard Tiger Peone Term: June 2019
Council Member: Glenn Ford Term: June 2019
Council Member: Danny Kieffer Term: June 2019

State Legislative District: Washington State Legislative District 7
Congressional District: Washington Congressional District 5
Counties: Stevens County
Reservation Description: The Spokane Tribe's reservation is bounded by the Columbia River to the east, the Spokane River to the south, Tshimokiane Creek to the east and the northern boundary is approximately 1/4 mile north of the 48th Parallel. The Spokane reservation consists of close to 159,000 aces of which 108,874 acres is forest land, 8,552 acres of agricultural land, 10,328 acres of lakes and 145 acres of Trust land in Spokane County adjacent to the community of Airway Heights. The reservation was created in January 1881, by Executive Order, reducing Spokane ancestral lands of what was once three-million acres.
Population/Enrollment: The Spokane Tribe has 2,849 enrolled members with 1,228 members residing on the reservation. The Spokane people, formerly composed of three bands: The Lower, Middle and Upper; made their living from fishing, hunting and gathering. After the loss of tribal lands and the designation of the small, present day Spokane reservation, the three bands of Spokanes’ were split. Displaced Spokanes’ found homes on the Coeur d'Alene, Colville and Montana Flathead reservations, where their descendants reside today.
Enterprises: Spokane Casinos and Resorts: Chewelah Casino, Two Rivers Casino, Two Rivers Resort (Marina and Campground); Spoko Fuel Stations: Chewelah, Two Rivers, Marina, Wellpinit, West Plains; Food Services: Airway Heights Arby's, Chewelah Chester Chicken, Two Rivers Spoko Deli, Wellpinit Trading Post Deli; Other Enterprises: Spokane Tribal Credit Agency, Spoko Construction LLC, T Creek LLC, Wellpinit Trading Post
Schools(Public/Tribal): Wellpinit School District, 6270 Ford Road - Wellpinit Road, Wellpinit, WA 99040 Phone: 509-258-4535

Wellpinit Elementary School Phone: 509-258-4535

Wellpinit High School / Middle School Phone: 509-258-4535

Reardan-Edwall School District, P.O. Box 225, East 215 Spokane Avenue, Reardan, Washington 99029 Phone: 509-796-2701

Columbia School District # 206, P.O. Box 7, 4961B Hunters Shop Rd, Hunters, Washington 99137 Phone: 509-722-3311

Mary Walker School District, 500 N. 4th Street, P.O. Box 159. Springdale, Washington 99173 Phone: 509-258-4534
Reservation Map: Reservation Map of Spokane Tribe

Land Acknowledgement Statement – Moscow Campus: U of I Moscow is located on the homelands of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce), Palus (Palouse) and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene) tribes. We extend gratitude to the indigenous people that call this place home, since time immemorial. U of I recognizes that it is our academic responsibility to build relationships with the indigenous people to ensure integrity of tribal voices.

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