Winter Pedestrian Safety on Campus

Wednesday, December 11 2013

Facilities staff wishes to remind everyone that winter conditions are here again. As usual we will be performing ice and snow mitigation efforts across campus during the winter months. For winter bicycle riders, please keep your bikes parked in open bike parking areas only, and not on rails, poles, trees or any other building fixture. Sand containers are placed around campus, at various problematic sites to be used by anyone having a need for additional traction. UI staff and students are strongly encouraged to wear proper footwear for snowy and icy conditions, and to plan on taking extra time to reach destinations because of weather conditions. Ice and snow mitigation treatments on walks, steps, and streets are repeated throughout the day as conditions warrant, but proper care and concern by everyone traveling across campus is still the best defense for a safe journey. Remember, primary responsibility for your safety resides with you… please be careful.