What to Know When Renting a Car for University Business

Friday, August 30 2013

There are several things to remember when renting a vehicle for University business.

Rental vehicles are only to be used for official university business. The driver must have on file with his/her unit an Authorization to Travel form signed by the appropriate authority for the unit.

The driver must sign the rental agreement in his/her name, followed by the initials “UI”, to indicate that the vehicle is being rented for official university business. The driver is responsible for ensuring that he/she has met the requirements of the university’s driver policies and any specific requirements of the rental agency or loaning organization (e.g., age requirements, credit card, etc). When traveling, the driver must carry a State of Idaho accident claim kit. If your department doesn’t have any, request one via e-mail: risk@uidaho.edu or call (208) 885-7177. Provide your name, department, department address and how many kits you would like. The Office of Risk Management will forward the requested number of kits to your department that day.

State Purchasing Services has entered into contracts with rental agencies that will give UI employees special rental rates and/or benefits. Review Account Payable’s website www.uidaho.edu/controller/accountspay for details on contract specials or cost savings using certain rental agencies or reduction of the deductible and the benefits of using the UI Purchasing Card to pay for a rental. You can also contact Accounts Payable at 885-5389.

Inspect the vehicle before operating and immediately bring any damage to the attention of the rental agency. When returning the vehicle, review the condition of the vehicle with the rental agency and note all obvious damage or defects before leaving the lot.