PeopleAdmin Project is Back Underway

Friday, November 8 2013

Human Resources, with the help of a task force of super users, has ignited the project to replace the current applicant tracking system (ATS) with PeopleAdmin. PeopleAdmin has about 700 customers, hundreds of which are in higher education.

The project, started in September 2012, was temporarily suspended to focus on other projects. The anticipated roll out date for PeopleAdmin is March 2014.

Some of the key features of PeopleAdmin include:
- Housing and managing staff job descriptions from which job listings will be pulled automatically
- Automatic emails to each approving authority for each step of the approval process
- Ability to create or select from a menu, the questions designed to have PeopleAdmin automatically screen for minimum qualifications
- Improved ability for applicants to upload application materials
- Functionally and ascetically more inviting and user-friendly for applicants than our ATS
- Drop down menus from which to select reasons for non-selection
- Adjustable templates for applicant notifications via email
- An onboarding module that puts new hire paperwork in newly hired employee’s hands in advance of their start date
- And so much more.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the design phase prior to testing in late November and December. HR and the task force will create step-by-step training materials in a variety of formats.
Give your HR business partner a call if you have any questions.