O'Laughlin Tapped for National Forest Science Award

Thursday, September 2 2010

Jay O’Laughlin, professor of forestry and director of the University Policy Analysis Group, recently received the Society of American Foresters’ 2010 Award in Forest Science. The award recognizes individual research in any branch of the quantitative, managerial and/or social sciences resulting in substantial advances in forestry. The award will be presented Oct. 29 at the SAF National Convention in Albuquerque. O’Laughlin’s research has advanced forest management and policy for more than three decades. His multidisciplinary work spans such topics as forest health and sustainability, federal land management, endangered species conservation, water quality protection, and risk analysis applications in natural resources decision-making, including wildland fire management. He is widely published and a highly solicited speaker at professional meetings. “Dr. O’Laughlin’s outreach efforts reflect the value of the science-based reports he provides for Idaho policymakers and citizens. His work also keeps him in the forefront of forest management concerns throughout the western states,” says Terrie Jain, research forester and chair of the Inland Empire SAF. “As a renowned leader in policy science, he is called upon frequently to present information on how our forests can contribute to a different energy future.”