O'Laughlin Presents Policy-Related Studies

Friday, April 2 2010

Jay O'Laughlin, professor of forestry and policy sciences, was invited by the Idaho House of Representatives Resources and Environment Committee to present the results of three policy-related studies he completed. The studies dealt with: the potential benefits and challenges of public land exchanges; bighorn sheep and domestic sheep situation in Idaho; and wood bioenergy opportunities and challenges. The study reports are available online.

O'Laughlin also presented the results of another study to the Western Governors' Association Forest Health Advisory Committee in Reno, Nev. He co-chairs the Woody Biomass Utilization & Energy Production Subcommittee. This study on the Biomass Crop Assistance Program was authorized by the 2008 Farm Bill. The study provided information people could build upon to submit public comments on new implementation rules for BCAP that could result in more than two billion in expenditures over the next three years to support the use of biomass as a renewable energy feedstock.