Julie Fodor

Friday, January 8 2010

Julie Fodor, director of the University's Center on Disabilities and Human Development, led a statewide team of more than a dozen individuals, including representatives from the University, key state agencies, private providers and parent advocacy groups, to set up and take part in a regional summit on autism. The summit in Seattle on Feb. 4-5 was jointly sponsored by the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities of the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau at Health Resources and Services Administration. The Association of University Centers for Excellence in Disabilities and all network centers like the CDHD were involved in helping to set up each regional summit. CDHD Director Julie Fodor is taking the lead at the CDHD to coordinate the state team. The team consists of about 16 people from key state agencies, private providers and parent advocacy groups. There are four representatives from the University of Idaho who are participating. The summit welcomed state teams from states including Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho; it will form the foundation for state planning for early identification and intervention for children on the autism spectrum.