Isaacson Receives Second Fulbright Fellowship

Monday, March 21 2011

Peter Isaacson, professor of geological sciences, has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship during summer 2011. The award is for combined teaching and research at the Universidad Autónoma de Entre Rios, in Diamante, Argentina. Teamed with Argentine colleague Mercedes diPasquo, Isaacson will offer a will offer a field-based course with objectives of a complete geological evaluation of a Devonian-age succession of sedimentary rocks in central Uruguay, which is not far from Diamante. There will also be a field excursion to eastern Paraguay. DiPasquo spent several months on the University of Idaho campus as a Fulbright awardee in 2009. Among the focal points for this summer, the research pair will continue biostratigraphic (age) correlations of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks from southern Bolivia. This is Isaacson's second Fulbright award; in 1987, he had a Fulbright award to Czechoslovakia.