Humans vs. Zombies Takes Place Feb. 10-16

Monday, February 4 2013

Humans vs. Zombies, a game of moderated tag played on college campuses worldwide will take place on the University of Idaho campus Feb. 10 - 16. Human players must survive the onslaught of a growing undead horde.

Play is allowed anywhere outside, excluding parking lots and the sidewalks along Sixth Street. Play is not allowed indoors. Participants should not disrupt university classes, if disruption occurs, please inform the game organizers. During gameplay, a moderator phone line will be active; this phone number will be posted at once the game begins.

To learn more about Humans vs. Zombies including the rules, and current game progress please visit: The HvZ organizers may be contacted via e-mail at Organizers may also be contacted via the Facebook group page: Humans vs. Zombies: University of Idaho.