EZ Package Tracking Procedure for Campus Customers

Friday, March 1 2013

Locating a package on campus is simple with the CMS package tracking system. Please follow the link to our tracking website: http://tracking.dfm.uidaho.edu/enterprise/default.asp. In the Quick Item ID Search field., the top field in the lower left hand corner, type in or copy and paste your tracking number. Click on the search button and the internal UI tracking information will appear to you for that particular package.

Campus Mail Services (CMS) receives hundreds of packages per day. Due to the high volume of phone calls for package inquiries and the availability to track packages online since March, 2010, CMS staff will no longer track packages for you over the phone. If you need to track a package please use the Campus Mail Services internal package tracking website.

For more information please visit the Campus Mail Services website: www.uidaho.edu/facilities/les/campusmail/news