Criminal Background Check Frequency Increasing

Tuesday, October 16 2012

The frequency of criminal background checks for potential faculty and staff will increase starting Nov. 1, 2012. This update to our existing practice is in in line with President Nellis’ desire to keep our campus as safe as possible. 

Changes to the current practice include: 

- Conducting criminal background checks for the intended finalist(s) for all staff and faculty searches. 
- Broadening the definition of security-sensitive. 

Security sensitive may include access to restricted facilities, resources, finances, data, confidential information or research as determined by the hiring authority. 

- By early next year, background checks will be requested online using the new talent management system. 

The following will not be changed: 

- Hiring authorities have the discretion to decide when to conduct criminal background checks for temporary employees, student workers, interns and volunteers. This decision is based on whether the hiring authority believes that individual’s role will be “security-sensitive.” 
- Background checks for anyone with significant contact with minors. 
- The Children’s Center and Agricultural and Life Sciences will continue with their unique requirements. 
- Cost of the background checks vary and are charged back to departments. 

Current average cost is $45. Human Resources is currently negotiating with a new vendor to lower these costs. APM 50.16 Criminal Background Check Procedures has been updated. Please direct questions to Greg Walters, executive director for human resources at