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Microsoft Updates Installed on the Second Thursday of Each Month

August 02, 2019

Microsoft updates are installed by Information Technology Services at 10 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month. On these days, to reduce the impact of the updates and ensure they are installed, ITS asks users to leave computers powered on and attached to the network overnight and ensure laptops are left with screens open, as closing the lid of a laptop sends the computer to "sleep" mode. In this mode, it cannot receive or process updates.

ITS recommends these user tips to reduce the impact of updates released by Microsoft:

  • Some updates allow the user to defer. Feel free to defer but also plan to allow the update to run as soon as possible.
    • The more an update is deferred, the more updates may get backlogged and will cause a longer interruption while the updates are applied.
    • Once an update starts, it must complete before normal operation of the computer. An update in progress should not be interrupted by powering the computer off or putting it to sleep. If a computer goes to sleep, the computer will continue the update upon waking up.
    • Some updates may require the computer to reboot, but many do not and occur in the background allowing you to continue working.
  • Work with local IT support or ITS Technology Solutions Partner to communicate unique needs.
    • ITS can only improve things if told there is a problem. Bring concerns to local support personnel so IT can find a solution.

ITS is committed to providing technology solutions and assistance to our users in support of U of I's teaching, learning and research communities. Request assistance at the ITS tech support portal

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