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2400 - University Disciplinary Process for Alleged Violations of Student Code of Conduct


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Last updated: January 01, 2024

This policy is deleted effective January 2024. Please contact for further information.

Version History

Amended January 2017. A rewrite was completed that found middle ground between the early 1970’s court trial format and the strong investigative model which had unintentionally created many delays to this less confrontational investigative model. The objective is to provide a process that allows for fact-finding and decision-making that balances the rights of the individual with the legitimate interests of the University.

Amended July 2016. Addressed some cumbersome processes that arose which were affecting the ability to resolve cases quickly.

Amended July 2014. All disciplinary language from FSH 2200 Statement of Student Rights and FSH 2300 Student Code of Conduct was consolidated into this policy and updated removing redundancies in policy.

Amended July 2008. The committee composition was moved into FSH 1640 Committee Directory.

Amended July 1993. Membership and quorum were changed on the University Judicial Council.

Adopted 1979. While the disciplinary process contained in FSH 2400 is uniquely crafted to meet the University of Idaho’s individual needs, portions of the process and Code are adapted from the NCHERM Group Model Developmental Code of Student Conduct and is used here with permission. Other portions are adapted from Edward N. Stoner II and John Wesley Lowery, Navigating Past the “Spirit of Insubordination”: A Twenty-First Century Model Student Conduct Code With a Model Hearing Script, 31 Journal of College and University Law 1 (2004).

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