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6920 - University Library


  • Position: Dean, University Libraries
  • Name: Ben Hunter
  • Email:

Last updated: July 01, 2023

A. PURPOSE. This policy describes the role of the University of Idaho Library and regulates the establishment of departmental libraries.

B. SCOPE. This policy applies to all units of the University of Idaho.


C-1. In general. As Idaho's flagship research library, the University of Idaho Library (Library) connects users with information, ideas, tools, and spaces; enriches formal and informal learning opportunities; supports and advances research, scholarly, and creative activity; builds partnerships through regional and national outreach; and preserves university, state, and regional historical archives. The Library champions the transformative power of ideas and learning, inspires students to engage in a lifelong pursuit of intellectual development, and provides an essential foundation for innovation, research, and scholarship. It is the U.S. Government documents regional repository and a designated Earth Science Information Center. The Library seeks to build and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships to ensure faculty, staff, and students have the broadest access to the Library collections, while providing services to citizens of the state and region.

C-2. Departmental libraries. It is the policy of the UI to maintain a strong central library. Branch libraries are discouraged. To comply with accreditation requirements, the College of Law maintains a library and staff with specialized training in law librarianship.


D-1. For additional information about the Library and its operations, see the Library website.

D-2. Faculty members who wish to suggest changes in Library operations should feel free to make these suggestions known to the Library staff or members of the Library Affairs Committee (see 1640.60).

Version History

Amended July 2023. Comprehensive review. Revised to remove Library operations information, which will continue to reside on the Library website. Language clarified in C-2.

Amended July 2018. Significantly revised to reflect current policies.

Adopted July 1996.

Campus Locations

Physical Address:
Bruce M. Pitman Center
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4264
Moscow, ID 83844-4264

Phone: 208-885-6111

Fax: 208-885-9119