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6520 - Inspection of University Records


  • Position: Acting General Counsel
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Last updated: January 01, 2014


A. Policy
B. Custodian
C. Procedures


A-1. The University of Idaho, at the direction of the regents, has developed a policy for the examination or copying of public records in its custody. The Idaho Public Records Law (Idaho Code §§ 9-337 through 9-350) provides the public with the right to inspect and take a copy of any non-exempt public record of the University of Idaho upon written request to the custodian. 

A-2. Nothing in this policy is intended to contradict or override Idaho’s Public Records Law (Idaho Code §§ 9-337 through 9-350).


B-1. For purposes of the Idaho Public Records Law, the University of Idaho's Office of General Counsel is the custodian of all university public records. 

B-2. The custodian is the single point of contact for all public records requests submitted under the IPRL.  A request is not deemed received by the university until and unless the custodian receives it.

C. PROCEDURES.  Procedures associated with requesting access to records under the Idaho Public Records Law can be found in APM 65.03.

Version History

Amended January 2014. It was determined that FSH 6520 and APM 65.03 overlapped and were outdated; both were revised to reflect current practice and state law.

Amended July 2002. Editorial changes.

Adopted July 1996.

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