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6241 - Nepotism


  • Position: Acting General Counsel
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Last updated: July 01, 2012

NEPOTISM. No preferential treatment will be afforded to individuals based on relationships that may place undue or inappropriate influence on terms and conditions of employment and/or employment decisions.

A. Definitions.

A-1. “Relationship” applies to:

a. individuals legally related by blood, marriage, or adoption;

b. persons who share or intend to share a household; or who have duties to and do provide financial support for one another; or any other persons having the same legal residence;

c. persons engaged in a domestic partnership, or who intend to marry, or who are dating or who have another similar personal relationship in which objectivity might be impaired.

A-2. “Related individuals” are individuals having a relationship as defined above.

A-3. “Line of supervision” is authority extending vertically through one or more organizational levels of supervision or management.

A-4. “Work unit” is a department, division or any other unit or office.

B. Policy.

B-1. Direct supervision, control, line of supervision. Relationship to another individual employed by the University shall not constitute a barrier to hiring, promotion, or reappointment, provided that no employee shall be placed or permitted to remain under the direct supervision, control, or line of supervision of a related individual. No UI employee may function as judge or arbiter in any situation involving a related individual, nor may any UI employee initiate or participate in institutional decisions involving a direct benefit to a related individual or affecting an employment decision (including without limitation initial appointment, retention, promotion, salary, or leave of absence) involving a related individual.

B-2. Approval and management of a supervisory relationship between related individuals; Confidentiality. Except in the case of a romantic or sexual relationship between supervisor and employee (see below), a person may work under the supervision of a related individual or in the same work unit only if the working relationship is addressed in a nepotism management plan, Form 6241A, approved by the Executive Director for Human Resources. In reviewing a proposed management plan, the Executive Director for Human Resources shall consider all aspects of the proposed working relationship including, but not limited to, effective supervision, morale, safety, security, nature of job description and applicant pool, and conflicts of interest.

Disclosure of consensual romantic or sexual relationships between a supervisor and employee is required under the provisions of FSH 3205, which mandates immediate action to end any relationship of authority between the parties to a sexual or romantic relationship. All disclosures and actions taken with regard to consensual romantic or sexual relationships shall be considered confidential and must be treated as protected personnel information under the public records statutes.

In a supervisor-subordinate or other relationship involving the exercise of authority, the university may alter supervisory or reporting lines of either the supervisor or subordinate, and in other relationships of authority, may take such action necessary to change the position of authority. Whatever the nature of the authority one person has over another, prompt action must be taken to remove the authority when a nepotic relationship exists or develops.

Failure to comply with policy. Actions in violation of this policy are considered unprofessional conduct and may constitute adequate cause for discipline up to and including dismissal under the provisions of FSH 3910, 3920, and 3930.

Version History

Amended July 2012. Substantial revisions to Section B.

Amended January 2008. Editorial changes.

Adopted June 2005.

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