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4330 - International Students


  • Position: Director of International Services
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Last updated: July 01, 2007


A. Preface
B. Admission
C. Academic
D. Nonacademic

A. PREFACE. Recognizing the responsibility of a public institution and seat of higher learning to enroll students from other countries and recognizing that the enrollment of such students enriches the educational experience for all UI students, the faculty, president, and regents have sanctioned the following guidelines:


B-1. To promote a truly international atmosphere and to the extent that facilities are available, qualified students from other countries should be admitted to UI under admission procedures that will encourage a balanced enrollment of students from many cultures.

B-2. Admissions requirements reflect the needs of students from various academic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Special admissions requirements exist for international students as specified in the current catalog.

B-3. The University of Idaho, as an institution approved to issue certificates of eligibility, is required to uphold all rules governing the granting of non-resident alien visas as stipulated in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

C. Academic. International students are required to meet the same academic standards as other students, although faculty and departments are encouraged to be sensitive to cultural and language differences as they relate to academic success.

D. Nonacademic.

D-1. In view of the vast differences between the cultures of the United States and other countries, UI will provide programs designed to assist the international student's acculturation to life and study in Idaho and the U.S.

D-2. The UI community, including the ASUI, plays a major role as host to international students.

D-3. Scholarships and loans should not be denied to any student solely because of foreign citizenship, except as restricted by law or by the terms of specific scholarship programs or grants.

D-4. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that all U.S. institutions that accept non-resident alien students guarantee that they are financially able to support themselves for their entire stay in the U.S. while pursuing their studies. This requirement includes the cost of health and accident insurance for themselves and any accompanying dependents. UI determines minimum levels of coverage that international students and any accompanying dependents must have in order to enroll. It further requires that all non-resident alien students either purchase health and accident insurance at those levels for themselves and all accompanying dependents, or they must submit satisfactory evidence of an equivalent insurance policy. Failure to purchase and maintain insurance levels determined by the university may subject students to sanctions, up to and including disenrollment.

Version History

Amended July 2007. Editorial changes.

Amended July 1995. Revised to conform with INS regulations and to clarify the status of international students.

Adopted 1979.

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