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3780 - Dependent Educational Tuition and Fee Reduction


  • Position: Associate Vice President for Finance
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Last updated: January 01, 2012

A. GENERAL: The dependent educational tuition and fee reduction benefit (benefit) is a 50% reduction in residential (in-state) student tuition and fees for dependents of eligible employees enrolled in University of Idaho undergraduate or graduate academic credit courses. No other fees are waived by this benefit; for example, the benefit does not include additional fees associated with specific courses (e.g., web-based courses), specific academic programs (e.g., professional fees), or specific services (e.g., insurance or student activities). The benefit does not apply to noncredit courses, intersession or summer session courses, continuing education courses, or courses offered through, but not limited to, Independent Study in Idaho, the College of Law, the Executive MBA Program, the Doctorate of Athletic Training, Professional Practices Doctorate, the McCall Outdoor Science School, or the WWAMI Medical Program. There is no limitation on the number of credits that may be taken per semester.

B. EMPLOYEE: A board-appointed University employee on regular appointment who works at least half-time (including those on official leave) is eligible for the dependent educational tuition reduction benefit. A dependent may receive the benefit if the employee is eligible on the first day of the academic term.  Only a single dependent per household at a time is eligible for this benefit.

C. DEPENDENT: A dependent of a University employee is eligible as defined by the Federal income tax code, Section 152. The University reserves the right to request copies of tax returns or other supporting documentation.

C-1. An eligible dependent:

(a) must be an admitted student who has met all normal academic requirements for the course(s) taken;

(b) may receive only one 50% dependent educational tuition and fee reduction per semester, and may use the tuition and fee reduction benefit for a maximum of eight semesters (applies to both full and part time students);

(c) of an employee whose employment terminates due to death or permanent disability shall continue to be eligible for this program until the dependent meets one of the below, whichever comes first:

  • completes a degree
  • reaches the maximum number of eight semesters

D. APPLICATION: Applications require approvals/signatures of the employee, the dependent, and Human Resources. Applications must be filed before tuition is paid for the semester in which the benefit will be applied.  The benefit is not automatically renewed; it must be applied for each semester. Fraudulent certification of dependent eligibility by an employee is grounds for discharge and the employee shall be required to repay all costs associated with the benefit.

E. TERMINATION: If an employee's appointment is terminated during a semester for which the employee's dependent is registered for academic work under this policy, the academic work must be terminated unless the applicable tuition is paid, except in the case where employment is terminated due to death or permanent disability.

Version History

Adopted January 2012.

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