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3770 - Faculty Exchange Programs


  • Position: Vice Provost for Faculty
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Last updated: January 01, 2007

A. BASIC POLICY. Faculty members may serve at another institution and receive their regular UI salary in exchange for equal service being provided at no cost to the university. A written contractual agreement between the cooperating institutions must be completed and signed, and each institution retains responsibility for the fiscal accounting for its own employee during the exchange period.


B-1. Exchanges normally should be for one year only, involve the exchange of faculty members whose assignments and capabilities are approximately equivalent, and be worked out bilaterally between the institutions.

B-2. At UI, the provost serves as the coordinator of faculty-exchange programs. From time to time the president and other administrative officers receive inquiries from persons and institutions interested in participating in such programs.

B-3. Requests for participation in exchange programs may be submitted by interested faculty members and should include: (a) degrees earned, (b) a current curriculum vitae, (c) present teaching assignment, (d) courses the applicant is qualified to teach, and (e) a statement as to whether or not an exchange of housing is desired (if so, a description of present housing and furnishings should be included).

B-4. The exchange must be approved by the faculty member's departmental administrator and dean before being forwarded to the provost for review and recommendation to the president.

C. WICHE CLEARINGHOUSE. The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) operates a clearinghouse for faculty exchanges among colleges and universities in the 13 states that WICHE serves. Free listings of exchange positions wanted and exchange positions available are published in November and February. Notices for inclusion in the listing may be submitted by an academic unit or an individual faculty member.

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